Who else is waiting for GTX 1050/Ti mini PCs?

Sure. Have you seen the price of those :) ? Impressive... but at that price I am not tickled pink about 'em. The Big Deal is the 1050/Ti because they are cheap and they do the job. To compare, my current gaming system is a "giant" micro ATX in an SG02 w/ a GTX 660. And I do not feel the pressure to get more gaming performance and indeed the 1050 is perhaps 10% faster and the Ti perhaps 25% but then again such small systems might use the slightly slower laptop versions so I might be even which is just as well. I just would like to consolidate my systems.
I love how asrock takes these chances..... now if we could just get them to take a chance on mdtx with 2 pcie x16 slots.
Somehow I am not holding my breath. That and so many others are 1060 and up despite the 1050 is perfectly capable of many things and is so much cheaper and cooler.