Who bought prototype

Man, that 7.5 does not match up with the text. Sounds like they were being a bit generous.

You're not kidding. Reading the review, they made it sound like a 6.5.

Strange. I'm interested to see what other sites' reviews are like.
What one of the posters said about the game, reminds me of inFamous, I guess I'll have to pass until I see more impressions.
I'm not worried. IGN gave Spiderman: Web of Shadows, a very similar game by all accounts, a 6.7 with some similar complaints and I loved that one.
Played the game yesterday for about 40 min so far and it's not to bad seems fun so far. Only thing I do not like so far about the game is how the characters have that floaty feeling even your character. Worth a rent for sure :)
OK, I played about 4 hours into the game and I am only 9/31 mission completed. Some of the mission is freaking long. There is one mission you have to prevent the military from locating your hide out. You have to take out 6 to 8 tank patrol units. The game is definitely a mindless fun.
Think GTA + monsters. Amazing game. I give it a 10/10.

The environment isn't bad as long as you don't try to explore the city. Besides, most of the time you are either running really fast or gliding or jumping from one building to the other. Is really not important whether or not the city is realistic enough. I do wish the storyline is a bit more complex. The main character has to find himself. Or his memories. The game isn't able to convey his sense of lost at all. Or his frustration over his inability to remember. The side missions so called aren't missions. More like mini games. The fun part is his powers though.......:)
I played for a bit, it's pretty awesome, pure carnage throughout. once you get upgrades and more abilities that's when it starts to get really fun. Id give it a 9/10. though my only gripe with it is that the controls can be a little tricky (im playing it on xbox btw)
I'll preface this with the statement - this is my impressions, plain and simple, off of the first hour or so of gameplay. Take of it what you will, but let's not turn this into a flaming war, mkay? Only other word of warning - I'm going to try to keep this spoiler free, but won't guarentee it. If in doubt, stop reading.

I picked up Prototype for my eldest son as one of his 14th birthday gifts. He was drawn to it by some of the trailers and early footage, and has enjoyed the sandbox games he's played in the past. I was hesitant at first, for several reasons. First, I picked up inFAMOUS at launch, and have been enjoying that title to a large degree, as has my son. Where Prototype shares the same sandbox design, I was worried that it would be too akin and we would likely bore from it quickly. And secondly, quite frankly, the gameplay footage I had seen seemed a bit rough, both in animation and movement as well as in general graphics and textures. But, I've always taught my son to be an educated consumer, and reviews started flowing in yesterday quite positively at metacritic.com and gamerankings.com, so I let him go through with the purchase.

After he had his quick fill of the game and headed off to bed, I threw the disc into the 360 for about an hour worth of gaming time. So that's first point - this is a very limited sampling of what the game has to offer. I'll concede that. The intro to the game was very well done. Both my wife and I thought we were watching a movie. One thing that struck out immediately was the language. A bit of a turn off to be honest - I don't need f-bombs every other minute to get the point that it's a dirty, viscereal environment that is being painted. But the CGI was well done, and the story seemed authentic.

I enjoyed the manner in which the game is set up as a flashback to a series of events that you need to unwind. Very 'Jason Bourne' and fits well. The whole 'web of intrigue' is very well done. I can see that it will be a large draw to me personally to hunt down the people and fill out the story, and will keep me moving forward in the game. The same quality of CGI is there, and that's a good thing.

The overall mechanics of the gameplay seem pretty standard. Attacks and jumps with the face buttons, targetting with a trigger - no real deviations from a tried input model. However, what did strike me was the overall speed. Without someone targetted, it is absurdly fast. Too fast at least at the start. It may be something I get accustomed to, but I found myself standing in place for a fraction of a second while I tried to figure out where the enemies were on the screen (since they were intermixed with a gazillion peds as well). When you do target someone, then the game slows down to almost to slow of a speed. Again, maybe I'll get used to it, or maybe it's appropriate when you get more and different powers. But for the time being, it didn't make for a terribly pleasant experience.

With that said, the whole 'absorption' idea is stellar. The first time you morph into someone and pull the wool over the enemies eyes, so to speak, was great. I can see it creating a very tactical aspect to the game, should someone like that (I personally do - I'd rather take an elegant route to a mission than barge in and just beat everyone into submission). I'm holding strong hope that it's leverged heavily throughout the entire game.

And then...yes, you've heard this before, the graphics. I know this is a sandbox game. I know there is a TON of stuff going on at once. I know gameplay > graphics, by and large. However, at some point lack of grahpics can detract from the gameplay experience because they are so attention grabbing that you can't help but pay attention to them. Case in point - the first time I'm running up a building, I caught myself thinking about the bland texture. No sheen on the windows, no terraces or anything for that matter to break up the flat northern face of the skyscraper.

Final verdict? Too early to tell. Will the powers yet-to-be unlocked help make the speed of the game feel more natural? Will the missions vary enough and, with the help of a solid story, minimize my attention from the lackluster graphics? I don't know, but at least at this point the game has sold me on finding out. That's a good first step.
Thanks for the impressions, very useful. I think I might rent this.
i wonder, does this game end up being like the Hulk game? where it's constant running around killing people?
see that was fun for all of like 20-30 minutes, but unfortunately i couldn't stay interested. sucks, this game looks like a lot of fun, maybe when it's down to 30 bucks
I bought Prototype last night, and I have to say, the game itself is pretty dang fun. The graphics on the other hand are pretty terrible. I'm talking purely textures and geometry. The animations are great, but the textures are so bland and uninspired it made me wonder if the game got released before it was completely finished. The great thing about a game like this (and say Crackdown) is that you can turn it off whenever you want and turn it on whenever you want and you'll always have fun. You don't have to get back into the story and remember what happened before, nor do you need to find a good server or anything; just turn on your console and enjoy.

$60 wont' kill me, but I think $40 to $45 would have been a better investment on my part. I've already played it 2 hours so that is only $0.50 a min and constantly dropping :).
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Prototype felt like a reskin of The Hulk: Ultimate Destruction to me. Hell, even some of the animations were the same.

EDIT: just like that other guy said.
Gotta say, bought this game before the weekend and have been enjoying the heck out of it. Just running around doing some rampant destruction is fun to me. Park yourself in front of a hive and just waste tanks and helicopters and hunters that keep coming after you over and over until you get bored and then go blow up a military base for kicks.