Which one to keep? A request of two switches


Jul 2, 2004
Hey everyone,
I have been away for a while but I have a question I think you might be able to answer for me.

Context: We recently upgraded our network at work from HP/Aruba to Cisco switches and AP's. Management told us to "recycle ;)" the old ones. yes, that was in the quote.

so, I now own two 48 port switches. I am currently running an old cisco 24 port, managed switch (1Gb backbone, 100Mb ports) as my home switch. the new ones both have 10Gb backbone, 1gb ports with Poe. I am actually not not that familiar with the hardware even though I did a bit of managing of these switches. ( I only started working for this company a few months ago)

My brother in law also works in IT so will be gifting him one of the following for Christmas. My question really is what the main difference is between these two switches. these are both layer 3. I have tried looking these up but I might be missing something. as I can not find them compared to each other. i believe the 2920 is bit newer.

HP E3800 48G-4SFP+ (J9574a) ( this shows to be POE+ as well)

HP 2920-48g-poe+ switch (j9729a)