Which is crapping out here. My PSU or HDD?


Jun 20, 2003
I have 2 internal HDDs and every few weeks they'll start taking a shit. I can hear one of the drives spin down and after a few seconds it will spin up again. A few months ago I got a WD 250GB HDD and that seemed to be the HDD that was spinning down because when I heard the noise I would check my torrents and see the speeds dip down to 0 and then back up(my torrents are saved to the 250GB HDD).

So I thought that it was just my new crappy WD HDD but today when listening to music(from my 80GB HDD) and I heard the drive spin down. My music paused for a few seconds before it spun up again.

I guess my quesiton is which component is causing these failures? My crappy generic PSU or both of my HDDs?
Unplug everything you dont need and maybe clock your CPU down too.
If it still happens, its likely not the PSU unless it has a major fault.
I don't see how the CPU temps would relate to HDD failure...but I guess I can try it out
I'm getting you to reduce power consumption so the PSU has more breathing room :)