Which GTX460s?


Limp Gawd
Aug 9, 2005
I'm looking to upgrade from the rig in the sig to an i7 930 @ 4GHz, with a pair of GTX460s in SLI. I'd like to run the 460s at around 800MHz core, 1600MHz shader and 2000MHz memory.

From scan.co.uk, either I can go for the cheapest pair of Palit cards at £340 and overclock, or I can go for the pre-overclocked Gainward GS-GLH cards at £395. How good are the 460s at overclocking; if I go for the cheaper option would I be likely to reach the clocks that I'm aiming for?
Not big on Palit. Seem to hear more bad experiences with them than other brands. They dont have XFX across the pond? Hard to go wrong with them.
Yeah wasn't sure how good Palit were. I could get a pair from EVGA with stock clocks for £2 more, however it's been overdue for more than a week and I'd like to get the parts by Tuesday. Also the EVGA card has a fan at the back and an external exhaust, will it achieve temperatures as low as the reference cooling?

There's also the Inno3D, a pair of those would be £10 more than the Palit.
There is an excellent deal on the ASUS 1GB TOP on the hot deals forum right now, their factory clock is 775.

That was my choice, the only caveat is a 2-4 week lead time.
Yeah I saw that deal, looked pretty awesome but unfortunately it's in the US (I'm in the UK). Thinking about going for a pair of Gigabyte cards as they're priced inbetween the other 2 and I've read that they're cool and quiet with the custom cooler, and good overclockers. Although I'm not sure if it's such a good idea to go for 2 cards that don't exhaust air?
The Galaxy's, or sometimes known as KFA cards have gotten good reviews. From all the reviews I've read when I upgrade I'm going with one of those brands.
In SLI go with EVGA. They have external exhaust. They are louder, but the EE will work great for SLI. I just bought one yesterday, so I am patiently awaiting it. I plan on running mine at 830-850 with no voltage mods. With the voltage up, you can get up to 950, but at very high temps.

Also, EVGA just released a bios update the other day that will clock the stock clock models at 720 and unlock fan speed. Just make sure to get the models with lifetime warranties. They seem to sell video cards with 2 year and lifetime now.
Gigabyte 1G is good also
- but good chassis ventilation is a good idea....

I have just done what the OP seeks and with these Gigabyte 1G cards (OC to 815 core, 1630 shader and 2020 memory) and can absolutely agree that good chassis ventilation is good, but more important with these Gigabytes is having at least 2 slots inbetween each cards and not 1.

1 will have the cards pretty much sitting on top of each other, so the top card is really restricted in airflow. My temps in furmark can get to 90c (still no artifacting at these speeds and this temp) on the top card and then 65c on the bottom card that is not restricted in airflow.

That is furmark though during normal gaming my top card rarely exceeds 75. Sometimes pushing 80, it's hot but livable.

Unfortunately I have it this way because my combo of the Asus P6X58-E, Cooler Master Storm Sniper and Corsair HX750W prevent a 2 slot solution to be mounted in the most bottom PCI-E Slot. I have ignored the screw-less clamps on the video cards and screwed in each card securing each card with as much space in between them as I can (couple centimeters vs couple millimeters. The side fan also blows air right onto the cards.

It's been running great for the week I've had it so far and I really have no problems with it but, be warned.
I don't have SLI (yet) but you're right about how close the 2nd card is, unless you leave an extra slot inbetween
- basically the Top card is sucking nothing but hot air off the back of the Bottom card
- nasty!
- can you mount an internal fan to blow some cold air between the two?

I think i'd try that if I didn't have a spare slot!
That's some really useful information, I'll pretty much be in the same situation wrt card spacing (I'll be getting either the same motherboard or the GA-X58A-UDR3, in my P182). I'm sensitivity to noise so I think I'll give the Gigabyte cards a try rather than the EVGA, as I've heard reports of them being fairly loud with their exhaust cooler.

The only possible issue will be case cooling: in my P182 I have 2 120mm fans going into the main area (one is via a Karma Bay) and 2 exhausts (1 rear and 1 blowhole), with no side panel fans. You think that's enough cooling or should I put up with the noise of the EVGA cooler?
Not sure, the Gigabyte 1G might get a little hot
- which would limit overclocking

The MSI might be better for you, as it has a more open design...
Space between card is depends on board. I have about 1 1/2inch empty space between my two gigabyte 460.
runs cool but but running into problem after problem(not card but drivers)
35'C idle 55'C load OC at 850 2100
I went with Crucible1001's advice and brought 2 EVGA cards in the end, hopefully they won't be too loud and the exhaust will help. I'll let you guys know how they are in SLi when they get here in a few days time, thanks for all the advice!