Which GPU brand generally has the best build quality?


May 9, 2006
If you're looking for long term operation generally I find Gigabyte does a good job in video cards, but really most anyone has solid cards especially when they are just slapping their brand on an Nvidia designed/licensed AIB.

But if you're going for someone particular... MSI perhaps because their afteburner software is legendary for video cards...

I also find if you want simplicity of control of any additional features 'colored lights' it's best to stay in the same family across as many components as possible.


Apr 26, 2013
I'm very surprised anyone mentions XFX in a thread about quality. They have made awful cards, like the THICC cards.

Every manufacturer has their shitty products, XFX is no exception. XFX actually took a lot of the criticism of this card to heart and released a BIOS update for the card that fixed many of the issues with it. I believe they also released a later revision of the card that fixes some of the heatsink design flaws.


I've had several XFX cards over the years and only ever had two issues, the first was fan failure and the second was my R9 280x died after about 5 years of use. I can't blame them for fan failures because I run my gear 24/7 and fan failure is a pretty regular occurrence. The R9 280x died because I think a VRM popped, the card smelled like death. XFX had a lifetime warranty on the card and sent me a RX570 as a replacement. The oldest XFX card I have is a 6800GT, back when they made nvidia cards, and it still works fine.

Gigabyte video cards are the worst in my experience. I bought a new 7970 GHz edition on Newegg and it artifacted like hell in games with glitchly green squares and polygon vertexes flying all over the screen. It also had these weird grey streaks on the windows desktop. RMA'd it and got back a used card with burned flux all over the back of the card and the same issues. Returned it for the XFX R9 280x and had no issues until it died 5 years later.