Which DDR4 kit least likely to have issues on X570?


Sep 7, 2023
My current 32gb Gskill Ripjaws kit has always given me trouble running at rated speed and timings, and with the 5800X3D half the time won't even boot it I try to use the XMP profile. It's 3+ years old and I guess has degraded or been damaged at some point.

I am local to the Madison Heights Microcenter and planning to get a new kit later today, I'm just tired of fighting it. Hopefully it's the RAM and not the board.

Of the 32gb kits they have in stock are there any more likely to work well on my Gigabyte X570 ITX board? I'd rather not spend more if it's unnecessary, but plug and play with no issues is what matters most to me at this point.


Any help greatly appreciated. I used to be up on all of this, but that also lead me to buy the problematic kit, so asking for outside help this time.

I am leaning towards this DDR4-4000 kit, figuring that if it's rated for 4000 I can always drop it down a little if there are stability issues and it should be fine. I don't care about RGB. https://www.microcenter.com/product...sktop-memory-kit-tf13d432g4000hc18ldc01-white
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One thing I have learned in the last two days while shopping for 16GB dimms for an old x99 mobo that only takes dual rank dimms....almost everything seems to be single rank these days. Good lord it has been a fiasco.

That said, I know the corsair 3600 kit at best buy I got a few months ago is dual ranked and works fine.
I guess I got lucky. I am using GSkill x4 8GB 3600 DIMMS that are rated for XMP on my Tomahawk X570 - no issues.
I guess I got lucky. I am using GSkill x4 8GB 3600 DIMMS that are rated for XMP on my Tomahawk X570 - no issues.
and ive got 3400 XMP running at 3600 in my system. you either use what is known to work, or try your luck, we both had luck. this guy doesnt...

Am I correct in reading this list that there are no 16GB sticks qualified to run at 3600 on my board?
You're looking at the QVL for Pinnacle Ridge aka Zen+ (e.g. Ryzen 2700X). I didn't look at Gigabyte site to see if they even had one available but you're using Vermeer (5800X3D). The memory controller is built into the processor so that's much more relevant than the motherboard itself.

Any kit from Microcenter should do you fine at 3200MHz/3600Mhz. Don't waste money on a 4000MHz kit. The 3D V-Cache doesn't see as big as an uplift as the other AM4 processors with memory scaling so 3600MHz isn't absolutely necessary. There is no way you'll run 4000MHz at a 1:1:1 ratio for FCLK:UCLK:MEMCLK so you'd have to run MEMCLK/2 mode which negates the benefit of faster RAM in the first place.

Not really sure why you're having issues with your old RAM kit. Make a bootable flash drive with memtest86+ and run a full pass with it at XMP with your current kit. It sounds like you can get it to POST at least sometimes so this should be doable. If it's throwing errors you can RMA it to G.Skill. If it passes the memory isn't bad, and I doubt your CPU IMC can't handle it you probably just need to do a little BIOS tweaking.

General tips: make sure you're on the latest BIOS available your motherboard. Try VSOC voltage at 1.00V. Disable CPU fTPM if you're not using Windows 11. Disable Spread Spectrum.
Thanks everyone, I ended up with a Corsair Vengeance 32GB DDR4-3600 kit, went from CL19 with the Gskill to CL16, huge upgrade I'm sure (yeah right). Also there's RGB on my RAM now, cause of course there is.


Crappy quick picture. We're still moving in so everything is a mess. This is just me working on the floor, it's normally kind of our HTPC / Xbox replacement.

I'll probably RMA the Gskill kit and put it in my girlfriend's computer at some point, but it's not pressing - she's already got 48GB and doesn't really need that, much less 64GB. Still, having a spare known good kit isn't a bad idea. It's sure to come in handy eventually, with my luck.

Not to jinx myself, but all seems well so far. No weird crashes or failure to post since the new sticks went in.

Good thing they aren't any taller or the side panel wouldn't fit and I'd have to re-route the AIO tubing somehow. I love how dense the A4-H2O is, but it's not always fun to work in.
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