Which current or confirmed upcoming smartphones sport <5" displays?

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Sep 14, 2006
I know of iPhone SE at 4.7". Are there any others that are less than 5" in size? My Galaxy S8 is way too big & fits nowhere without sticking out and needs to be replaced. I miss my iPhone 4s from back in the day...

Just somethig small with a camera that's better than a 2MP flip phone camera.

I'll be happy with even some Chinese phone as long as it works and is small and current and works in the US with 4G LTE support.

Anyone know of options or is the iPhone SE really the only option out there?
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Jan 3, 2003
The iPhone 12 Mini is actually smaller than the SE despite having a larger screen, due to the smaller bezels. This increased screen-to-body ratio is the norm across the industry now, so using screen size is not a good indicator of overall size when comparing older phones with larger bezels with new phones.

To answer your question, apart from the iPhones, there are only a handful of (mostly low-end) phones that even come close. The Pixel 4a or 5 are a little bigger than the SE, but probably your best bet for a a semi-compact phone. Sony is also rumored to be coming out with a new compact phone with a 5.5" screen, but it may be Japan-only. Expect a possible announcement on the 14th.


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Aug 9, 2001
I know how you feel but there seem to be very, very few options out there with smaller screens and ones that due tend to have quite a few compromises. I went from a Samsung Galaxy S6 to a Motorola G Power (2020) and while the Motorola is just fine for my use and has amazing battery life it's flat out huge. The screen alone on the Motorola is a lot larger than the whole of the Galaxy S6. The only way I can carry the thing around is with a case which clips onto my belt and even then it gets in the way.

It's a pity because overall the S6 was almost the exact right size of phone for my uses if maybe a little large. I could easily use it one handed which I can't do with anything bigger and it would still fit into a shirt pocket securely. I only wish it had two improvements, a bigger battery (I don't mind the phone being thicker and thing it would have been better if it was thicker) and raised bevels to protect the screen better. I never put my phones in my pants pocket because that's asking for them to be destroyed by bending, being sat on or cracked if something hits me in the leg.

I wish you luck on your search for it is something I wish was more common.


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Apr 8, 2009
The Pixel 5 and 4a are probably the best smallish Android phones in the market right now. I just went from a Pixle 2 XL to the Pixel 5 and despite the display being the same size, it's a significantly smaller phone. So probably focus less on screen size and look at the overall dimensions and size of the phone with some of these phones where they've all but removed the bezels from the phone.