Where Gaming Begins: Ep. 2 | AMD Radeon™ RX 6000 Series Graphics Cards - 11am CDT 10/28/20


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May 18, 1997
Where Gaming Begins: Ep. 2 | AMD Radeon™ RX 6000 Series Graphics Cards - 11am CDT 10/28/20

The Ultimate Gaming Platform with AMD Ryzen™ & AMD Radeon™​


Official Spec List:

Powerhouse Performance, Vivid Visuals & Incredible Gaming Experiences​

AMD Radeon™ RX 6000 Series graphics cards support high-bandwidth PCIe® 4.0 technology and feature 16GB of GDDR6 memory to power the most demanding 4K workloads today and in the future. Key features and capabilities include:

Powerhouse Performance

  • AMD Infinity Cache – A high-performance, last-level data cache suitable for 4K and 1440p gaming with the highest level of detail enabled. 128 MB of on-die cache dramatically reduces latency6 and power consumption7, delivering higher overall gaming performance than traditional architectural designs.
  • AMD Smart Access Memory8 – An exclusive feature of systems with AMD Ryzen™ 5000 Series processors, AMD B550 and X570 motherboards and Radeon™ RX 6000 Series graphics cards. It gives AMD Ryzen™ processors greater access to the high-speed GDDR6 graphics memory, accelerating CPU processing and providing up to a 13-percent performance increase on a AMD Radeon™ RX 6800 XT graphics card in Forza Horizon™ 4 at 4K when combined with the new Rage Mode one-click overclocking setting.9,10
  • Built for Standard Chassis – With a length of 267mm and 2x8 standard 8-pin power connectors, and designed to operate with existing enthusiast-class 650W-750W power supplies, gamers can easily upgrade their existing large to small form factor PCs without additional cost.
True to Life, High-Fidelity Visuals

  • DirectX® 12 Ultimate Support – Provides a powerful blend of raytracing, compute, and rasterized effects, such as DirectX® Raytracing (DXR) and Variable Rate Shading, to elevate games to a new level of realism.
  • DirectX® Raytracing (DXR) – Adding a high performance, fixed-function Ray Accelerator engine to each compute unit, AMD RDNA™ 2-based graphics cards are optimized to deliver real-time lighting, shadow and reflection realism with DXR. When paired with AMD FidelityFX, which enables hybrid rendering, developers can combine rasterized and ray-traced effects to ensure an optimal combination of image quality and performance.
  • AMD FidelityFX – An open-source toolkit for game developers available on AMD GPUOpen. It features a collection of lighting, shadow and reflection effects that make it easier for developers to add high-quality post-process effects that make games look beautiful while offering the optimal balance of visual fidelity and performance.
  • Variable Rate Shading (VRS) – Dynamically reduces the shading rate for different areas of a frame that do not require a high level of visual detail, delivering higher levels of overall performance with little to no perceptible change in image quality.
Elevated Gaming Experience

  • Microsoft® DirectStorage Support – Future support for the DirectStorage API enables lightning-fast load times and high-quality textures by eliminating storage API-related bottlenecks and limiting CPU involvement.
  • Radeon Software Performance Tuning Presets – Simple one-click presets in Radeon™ Software help gamers easily extract the most from their graphics card. The presets include the new Rage Mode stable over clocking setting that takes advantage of extra available headroom to deliver higher gaming performance10.
  • Radeon™ Anti-Lag11 – Significantly decreases input-to-display response times and offers a competitive edge in gameplay.

AMD Radeon™ RX 6000 Series Product Family​

ModelCompute UnitsGDDR6Game Clock12 (MHz)Boost Clock13 (MHZ)Memory InterfaceInfinity Cache
AMD Radeon™ RX 6900 XT8016GB2015Up to 2250256 bit128 MB
AMD Radeon™ RX 6800 XT7216GB2015Up to 2250256 bit128 MB
AMD Radeon™ RX 68006016GB1815Up to
256 bit128 MB
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Feb 11, 2008
They're really keeping us on our toes continually switching time zones for these announcements.


Dec 19, 2002
In before biggest navi lands between 3070 and 3080 using more power than a 3080 priced at $549.99, just to have NV release a 3070Ti that sits just above biggest navi while sipping power in comparison for $599.99.

Just my prediction, I could be totally wrong; but just how many times does history have to back hand slap people before we learn the lesson?1

I wouldn't bother waiting for a 3070 competitor that cost roughly the same but runs hotter and more than not slower. Quote me on release!


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Dec 16, 2006
As someone with a X570 mobo and soon to be Ryzen 5900X, the ability to have access to GPU Memory with the 6800XT makes me motivated to make an all AMD system.


Jul 6, 2015
As someone with a X570 mobo and soon to be Ryzen 5900X, the ability to have access to GPU Memory with the 6800XT makes me motivated to make an all AMD system.
I do wonder if it needs MS GPU Direct Storage.