Where can I Find VIA KT133 Chipset drivers?


Limp Gawd
Jul 11, 2002
A while back I asked a question about how to fix some problems I was having with my sound card (at least i'm pretty sure it's the sound card). I was told that I should try changing it to a different PCI slot, upgrading drivers etc, or maybe upgrading the chipset driver on the mobo. After some looking around, i've found it pretty hard to find a place to upgrade my bios. Also, should i try getting something straight from the company that made my motherboard? (Azza, hardly anyone's heard of 'em) Or should i just get generic software for the chipest? Any info would be greatly appreciated thanks. Here's my mobo ifo

VIA KT133A - VT8363A/VT82C686B Chipset
Award BIOS

Problem I have is that at random intervals i'll get a high pitched beep through the speakers and my computer will start to lock up (this has been pinpointed to either overheating issues or the soundcard, but i think it's the soundcard since the problem leaves if I switch to the mobos onboard audio)

Thanks again for any help.

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