Where can I find a power supply cover shroud?


Jul 24, 2021
For example if my case is older and and the power supply is exposed at the bottom and I dislike seeing the wires, what can be done about it?

Individually sleeving the cables is a pain in the ass and they would still be exposed.

New cases with built-in shrouds are cheap like 99 bucks or less sometimes but if you don't wanna deal with a whole nother case...

The thing is if you like your case but only dislike how the power supply is exposed what can one do?

I sold my welding machine and really don't wanna deal with fabrication or anything honestly.

Easy cheap fix to cover it?
If you get Hard this is what you can do with the hobby and a PC /3d printer.


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Behold... the anti-solution.

Pull the wires out even more, undo any cable management. use lots of colors for cables (take off any sleeves), set a new design trend.

"We bought this pre-built, and see the amateurs tried to color coordinate, bind and hide all the cables. Sort of old school."
If you get Hard this is what you can do with the hobby and a PC /3d printer.
3d printer? I don't have one. Sounds complicated 😕 never done anything like this.
I'm just thinking of a 90 degree ps shroud hopefully I can buy it ready made.
This much modding/building is waaaay more than I have time to do.
Looks amazing though and fun props on you.