Where are all the lower wattage Seasonic Titaniums at? Discontinuing regular for new ATX 3.0?


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Sep 9, 2004
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Looking for either a TX-850 or TX-1000 and they’re all gone except for a few scalp stuff.
They’ve been gone for awhile now. Newegg is having a blowout sale on the TX-1000s - almost as if they’re trying to move old stock.

Is Seasonic bringing out a new line of Prime Titanium ATX 3.0 PSUs in the lower wattages or something?

What is the difference between the PX Vertex line and the current TX non-ATX 3.0 line (besides the GPU cable.)

Should I just get a Vertex 850? I noticed the MTBF rating is much higher for the Prime Titanium over the Vertex…
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You can get the TX-1000 for $260 after coupon code (which it seems like you're aware), which is a very reasonable not scalper price. Then just add one of these (microcenter link) and shoutout jobert for making me aware of these.

I can't comment on the other points/questions you're making, but for a very solid PSU with a 12 year warranty I wouldn't hesitate to purchase it. Given you're looking for a TX-850 or TX-1000, the TX-1000 is available at a solid price and easy to get a 12VHPWR cable added to it for minimal cost.