Where and how to I place a water temperature sensor???


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Apr 4, 2008
Hello everyone,

Im considering getting the following:

Thermaltake Floe Triple Riing RGB 360 TT

And I also want to have a cool temp sensor readout, like this:

Bykski Temperature LCD sensor

My question is, where do I connect the LCD sensor too? I seen a video where u conenct the sensor inside one of the pipes at the connector, do I need a separate connector for Thermaltake RGB 360 TT to do that?

Also, I will be using the following mobo below, which has something called the "water in/out" sensor, would that be where I connect the sensor too?


Look forward to your reply's guys.

Thank you.
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I think that temp sensor is for a custom loop.

You can't easily add it to an AIO cooler.

I mean, anything can be done, but it's probably not worth it.
Temp sensors are tricky. As Zarathustra[H] said it is not something to take lightly when adding it to an AIO cooler. You will see why in a bit...

For a custom loop I would get a flow meter (a little plastic wheelie thing inside a piece acrylic that shows the water is flowing) that has 3 G1/4 threaded holes - one for in, one for out, and the 3rd for a screw-in temp sensor.
Here is an alternate one that is way cheaper and can plug into your motherboard's "T-sensor" (#14 of your manual's 1.1.2 - motherboard layout page).

The things you would need are:
2x barbs - match to the ID of your cooling system hose. for Compression, match both ID and OD of the hose. The G1/4 threading is pretty standard these days. One barb goes to each of the in and out for the flow meter.

That is it for a custom LC loop.

The AIO on the other hand is not designed for routine maintenance. As well the inside diameter of the hoses is an unknown until you cut them. You don't know what size barbs you need (forget about using compression fittings!!) until you pull the trigger and effectively destroy your AIO cooler - the coolant needs to be saved and replaced). You also need a handful of clamps (5 in total) to add in a 3-way TEE fitting, make up some coolant that is compatible to your AIO (which I suspect contains both copper and aluminum parts), a bit of hose along with a plug for one end of it so you can re-fill it after you are done.


3-way Flow indicator


G1/4 Barbs


Temp sensor that plugs into your motherboard


3-way Tee - this one is brass, there are plastic ones too.

As you can see, there is a lot you have to do to splice in a temp sensor in an AIO and at the end you in effect turn it into a custom loop to do this. Personally I would not go to this bother for an AIO to just get a temp sensor on it.
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Than you so much for the detailed feedback. I guess I will skip the sensor for now :)) way to much work. Thanks guys.
Than you so much for the detailed feedback. I guess I will skip the sensor for now :)) way to much work. Thanks guys.

That said, I've never used a Thermaltake AIO, but some AIO's come with thermal sensors from the factory. You usually can't use a fancy screen on your case like that Byksi unit, but you can see it in the software for the unit, and probably also display it in software like Hardware Monitor that reads sensors.

Again, not sure if this Thermaltake unit does it, but the Corsair H110i GTX I used to use before I built my first custom loop used to do this. It came with a wire that plugged directly in to a USB2 header on the motherboard.