When are the 4K, OLED, 27" gaming monitors dropping?

Rev. Night

Mar 30, 2004
So wtf? 4k OLED 120hz tvs have been around for a year or three. Yet not a single one of them are 27". They all are 42" at the smallest. When will the gaming monitors with these specs come out?
This sounds like exactly what i want, spec wise. Wonder what the price and gaming performance would be? Curious. I have a LG C2 OLED and I love it, attached to my htpc. Its 4k (obvi) but I was playing SuperMario Odyssey via Yuze at 1440. It looked just fine. On my gaming pc, i have a 1440 tn panel. It runs games at 1080 like utter dogshit. Is this because its a TN panel? Bc the tv has an upscaler? Would a 4k, OLED monitor have such an upscaler?

Basically, if I buy a 4k OLED gaming monitor, and the game I am running has fps issues, can I drop to 1440 and not have it look like crap.

Future Samsung QD-OLED Plans

  • 27″ with 3840 x 2160 “4K” resolution and 240Hz – again directly competing with an option LG.Display are currently considering. Could Samsung get this high density option to market first?