Whelp, the "I r homeless" sale thread. H2O-server-diamond tools-saw-dustless grinder-


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Jan 2, 2001
Need monies, need to sell this stuff. Everything is OBO except the tile saw, eco grinder/eco cutter, I'll eat them before giving in to lowballs on those pieces;). Aside from those specific pieces, make ridiculous offers, I just might accept.


Amazon gift cards/codes

Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 premium

4+ TB hard drives.

First off, the small print in not so small print:

  • My HEATWARE Evals

  • Email in sig. Non-CC paypal for shipping, cash for local pickup. Also might accept Amazon gift card on case by case basis. My PayPal ID=my email address in sig. Local pickup welcome (zip 94501)

  • Prices are without shipping unless noted otherwise. This is because I expect.... I hope- to be bundling multiple items. And also the fact that I have a ton of individual little low price items I just don't want to try to figure or deal with shipping every single one by it's lonesome. So make offers (via PM) folks. To give you an edumacated guess on shipping figure they will come from zip 94501.

  • If you want just one $5 item, it's likely shipping is going to cost more. I try to use USPS priority mail flat rate boxes when I can, so keep that in mind. If you want the $5 monster usb cable below in it's retail packing, I'll have to use the $12.95 box. However if you don't mind just getting the cable w/o the retail packaging, I can probably fit all the cables I have for sale in that $12.95 flat rate box. :)

  • DOA - I ship stuff that works to the best of my knowledge, and when the rare occasion arises that it doesn't, I make it right. My heatware record speaks for itself. However you do need to test items and let me know of any problems right away. (1-2 days after receipt) After that it's your puppy.

  • Packing - Damage shouldn't be an issue unless USPS runs over your package with a truck. Twice. Everyone I've traded with will tell you I pack well.

Computers, laptops

two HP 6000 Pavillion laptops. Identical, AMD turion cpus. One is definitely parts only my Dad fixt it), the other is iffy, it got it to boot windows a few times before I put it away in place of my desktop. But it was finicky on when it would boot or not. When it did, it was fine. When it didn't, it wouldn't power on at all. You get both laptops, one charger, and everything else it came with except the hard drives. I think the non damaged one can be fixed and the other parted out, but I offer no guarantees, this is definitely an "AS IS" sale. Both for $40 SHIPPED

Water Cooling H2O Stuff


ThermalTake Aquabay M1 New, unused, and have retail box and everything it came with (including thermaltake's fittings) $25 pic1 pic2

Aquacomputer Aquatube Stainless Steel Mounting Kit. New. $8

Aquacomputer Blue LED kit for Aquatube New. $8

Aquacomputer Aquajet for Aquatube New. $8

take all 3 for $20 pic1 pic2


  • Bevis and Butt-head The Mike Judge Collection vol 1, 2, & 3 $5 each pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4
  • Jerico season 1 $5 pic1
  • 24 Season 1 $5 pic1

Other Stuffs

Magic Bullet Blender Kit. Hardly used, it's the nutri-bullet's little brother. $25 pic1

Elsa 3D Revelator Glasses- New in box, still shrinkwrapped. $10 pic1


Alpha Ecogrinder Dustless Grinding System This is for grinding concrete and stone surfaces. It has an integral dust impeller so you do NOT need to use a vacuum. The dust is literally sucked up at the tool itself and blown directly into a dust bag. Bought for a job that didn't pan out. So it's new, essentially unused. It tried it out on 2 ft of concrete to get a feel for the tool, but that's it. Didn't use the dust bag. Paid $433 for it, looking for $300 or obo. Figure around $30-$40 if you want it shipped. It's large and heavy duty. pic1 pic2 pic3

Pearl Abrasive Industrial Tile Saw This is a true professional tile saw. The plastic pretenders from home depot and lowes can't compare. Bought new for $1275. This is the upgraded version with stainless steel pan and roller bearings. Heavy duty, with a 2HP induction motor, it will accurately cut whatever you throw at it: Ceramic tile, marble, granite, slate, pavers, porcelain, bricks, etc. The telescoping tray can rip cut 24" tile or 18" tile diagonally. Comes with heavy duty water pump. It is as good as new, it just has tile dust on it. Comes with a good porcelain/granite blade. Asking $600 obo. Pickup only, no shipping on this. pic1 pic2

Alpha Ecocutter Dustless Cutting Bought new. Light use. Sell for $210.

7" Diamond cup grinding wheel. Paid $118 new, it has seen little use. This is a high quality Japanese product, not Chinese. Fits 5/8"-11 thread. $50 pic1 pic2

Diamond Router Bits for stone slab (granite or marble countertops). These are used in edge profile router/milling machines to give the desired profile edge on granite (or other stone) countertops. These diamond router bits are high quality specialty bits, hence the pricing. I paid much more than my asking price and they have seen very little use. If you think they cost too much, you don't need them. If you need them, you'll recognize what a deal they are. pic1

Straight (cutting) bit with smooth shank fits most wood routers. Must use water on bit through external hose like this. $75

Set of Pencil Edge for double layer slab (granite or marble). I like the pencil edge better than the all too common double bullnose. Gas connection for central water feed routers like the Flex 2106 edge profiler. Use the rough bit for shaping, then use the fine to smooth out and save on polishing steps. I paid $220 for each one, take the set for $300. Used on only one countertop.

Auido/Video/Computer Cables

IOGEAR 4 port KVM Switch New in Box, unopened. $20 pic1 pic2

Radio Shack digital Gold PCM RCA cables. Have 2x 12ft, . $5 each. pic1 pic2

Nexus anti vibration mounting kit $10 pic1 pic2
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Damn, that Pearl would be nice to have... but no shipping Q.Q

Good luck getting back on your feet.
You know if I was rich I'd help just about everybody [H]ere having a tough time.

Trouble is I can't afford really even to daydream about riches... hang in there, things will get better (I hope...).

GLWS of course.
bump, PMs answered. Make offers folks. Somebody must want something I'm selling:)
My wife and I and her kids were in the same boat a couple years ago, it's not easy, but with determination and perseverance, and family, we were able to get out of that rut. Good luck.

Bump for you to keep this on top.
Sick saw. Bump4U.

Yeah it's kick ass, I'm just not doing enough work these days to justify keeping it:(

Bump for you, good luck


I'm interested in the chipset blocks. They're universal, correct?

If by universal you mean they were orginally for asus a8n32 sli boards but have enough "play" in their mounting harware to fit other boards, and you can order other mounting brackets, or make/mod your own, then yes, they are universal:D

Good luck on things improving, I myself have had my share of health issues.

Thanks. It's not fun, but I'm slogging through, and seeing people who are in much worse condition then me, I get by with "It could be worse"

My wife and I and her kids were in the same boat a couple years ago, it's not easy, but with determination and perseverance, and family, we were able to get out of that rut. Good luck.

Bump for you to keep this on top.

Thanks for the kind words. Not planning on giving up. And thanks for the bump.:)
That half life game still around
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Ygpm and email for HL2 CE.

Sent an Email for HL2

pms will be replied to by this evening. Need to hit storage and pull stuff out & see about packing. Thanks for being patient, my lappy is having issues with wifi so my internet access is sporadic.

I know it's nothing, but I wish you good luck at getting back on your feet.

A kind word of encouragement is not "nothing". They mean a lot to me, actually. Besides, it bumped my fs thread:)
praying for you man, hope you get back on your feet. Churches are great places to network and could help to find more steady work. relationships are key. Anyways, it is good to see that you are doing your best to provide for yourself!
Bump for you.


praying for you man, hope you get back on your feet. Churches are great places to network and could help to find more steady work. relationships are key. Anyways, it is good to see that you are doing your best to provide for yourself!

Yeah I'm hanging in there. Thanks for the kind words!

PMs replied to, all stuff paid for has shipped and tracking # sent to buyers. Still lots of stuff here. The DVDs are cheap, I can fit a whole lote of them into one medium flat rate box:eek:
PMs replied, some stuff sold, bump for me. Now to pick up some chewing gum and bailing wire and fix my damn muffler and exhaust pipes:)
I want to buy something from you so bad it hurts -- but you don't have anything listed that I'd be interested in :(
Hard to say, mostly because it keeps changing :p I get an idea, realize I can't do it, and five more take its place in as many minutes...

I love mITX gear tho...
Wth topcat...I don't know if we have had any deals but I've looked at plenty of your threads.

Anyways....I know you say you won't take charity but do you have a VPN for all the public WiFi you are using? If not, let me know and I'll get ya one....

And I'll take the component cables. Never know when ya need some.

Just let me know and I'll PayPal ya. And if that email address is good to send you the info on the VPN. PM me and LMK
OP updated, laptop added, needed trade items added, bump.

MAKE OFFERS FOLKS, don't be shy