WhatsApp Gearing Up to Charge for Chat


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May 18, 1997
Use the WhatsApp free Business tools to build chat for your business, but don't worry, we will figure out to charge you later when you become dependent on it. But don't worry, since it's encrypted, Facebook, WhatsApp's owner, will never know what you are chatting about. You really believe that? I took anything Facebook related off my phone a long time ago.

On a less cynical note, I know of no businesses that use chat applications on smartphones outside the apps that they have full control over. Sounds like these guys are trying to re-build a widget that has already been built so they can mine your data? Thanks grtitan.

Whether someone is communicating with a business around the corner or around the globe, people expect WhatsApp to be fast, reliable, and secure. We'll be listening carefully to feedback during our test phase and keeping people informed as we make these tools more widely available. It's important that we get this right and are thoughtful about the new experiences we'll provide for businesses and our users. For more information, please read this FAQ.
Screenshot that shit.

Yep. Any time I get a request from a client I always screenshot it, which then goes to my home server, which is mirrored. Overkill? Maybe, but it's saved me several crucial times.
Screenshot that shit.
Yeah I'm not about to do that. I've no idea when it would be something he would dispute next month, and any given discussion could be several pages long. Screenshots can be edited, it wouldn't hold him accountable anyway. He's never asked for anything sketchy at least so it's not like I need to really cover myself.

As I had mentioned in the article from a week or two ago about email being the predominant form of communication - the trail it leaves is invaluable.
No FB on any of my machines or phones ! Bit and FB is like Fire & Water ehhhhhhhhhhh to hell with that BS