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Jul 6, 2005
Well I just purchased the following laptop for my father. Best price I could find.



This laptop is being used mainly for an EEG machine for neurology. But I figured that I might as well add on all the candy such as bluetooth, webcam, etc. I should mention that this is an upgrade to the laptop that is being used to run EEG's which is the following:


The machine hooks to the computer through USB, but it also includes an integrated 15v Toshiba power that supplies 75 watts which matches the new laptop. I figured I would go with Toshiba again since he is used to the Tecra lineup from Toshiba and since it would be more convenient not to bring another power adapter by going with a different brand. I've been really trying to find a reason to justify purchasing a Lenovo, but I simply couldn't in this specific scenario.

I'm simply wondering what you think of this purchase, so feel free to vote and/or post your opinion. Thank you so much :)