What's your CPU's vista score?


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Oct 18, 2007
I have an E4500 at stock speeds (2.2 ghz) and vista gives me a 4.4 for it, just curious if thats what everyone else at that speed gets, and what other people have.
My E6400 @ 3.2GHz gave a 5.8. Just upgraded to a Q6600, once I have the OC stable I'll test it.
E6600 @ 3.32GHz - 5.7

Figure I'll just post everything else

Memory: 5.9
Graphics: 5.9
GAming: 5.9
Hard Drive: 5.9
Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 3.24GHz - 5.9

Memory : (RAM) 2.00 GB - 5.9
Graphics : NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT - 5.9
Gaming graphics : 1023 MB Total available graphics memory - 5.8
Primary hard disk : 50GB Free (298GB Total) - 5.8
Pentium D 915 @ 3ghz

Processor is 4.8
Memory is 5.9
Graphics is 5.9
Gaming Graphics is 5.9
Primary Hard Disk is 5.7
Everything at 5.9 on main rig in sig. The two Seagate 320 hard drives are in raid0, otherwise they score lower.

C2D E6300 (stock 1.86) = 4.6
C2D T5450 (stock 1.66) = 4.7 (mobile)

Oh and Q6600's will get 5.9 non-overclocked;) Since 5.9 is the highest you can get, but just how high they should or could score... who knows?
stock everything

2gig of ram

gave me 5.9

but my stinge harddrives gave me 5.4
The e6400 @ 2.8 in my sig gives me 5.6 in Vista 32 bit Home premium

My lowest score is in 3d business and gaming graphics test. I only get 5.1 with the evga 7600gt.
5.9 . See sig for details.

The maximum seems to be 5.9....why?
Q6600 (stock) = 5.9
8 GB PC6400 = 5.3 :confused:
8800 Ultra = 5.9
150 GB 10K Raptor = 5.9

Overall 5.3 :(
5.9 for my 3.4 Ghz Q6600, but my overall score is 5.7. My hd scored 5.7 lol. Yea no raptor on my system. :p
Does the Vista experience score actually measure cpu speed?

Does overclocking actually improve the score it gives?
Does the Vista experience score actually measure cpu speed?

Does overclocking actually improve the score it gives?

It runs an algorithm which calculates how fast it [your CPU] calculates... hehe. But yes, if you do OC you can get much higher WEI ratings, it is a pretty solid way to see you're benefiting from an OC.
Does the Vista experience score actually measure cpu speed?
This page describes the benchmarks MS uses to calculate each sub-score: http://windowsvistablog.com/blogs/windowsvista/pages/458117.aspx

The CPU Score
The CPU score was created to measure the processor performance when tasked with common Windows usage activities. The processor is assessed on the following items:

1. Compression and decompression using the LZW compression algorithm
2. Compression and decompression using the Windows Vista compression algorithm used for hibernation files, ReadyBoost and other features
3. Encryption and decryption assessment
4. Computing hashes
5. Encoding of video

The results are normalized and weight averaged in order to arrive at the final CPU sub score.

Specs in sig.
[email protected] maxed @ 5.9 minus my damn WD 4000YR which for some reason only gets a 5.4. going to have to upgrade hard drive, lol. Running a 7900GT gets same 5.9 as the 8800gts, so I guess 5.9 is max.

What hard drives are you guys running getting a 5.9; not counting the raptors or raid configs please. I have run raptors in the past, some instances they are faster and some not; ie file transfer speeds of raptors seem to be slower for me.
My 320GB 7200.10 Barracuda scored 5.7 too.

I built a machine for my roommate's girlfriend and used a WD1600AAJS (160GB SATA, for those not familiar with WD's naming).

It got a 5.6. I was pretty pissed that a <$50 drive waxed my WD2500KS (scores a 5.3), but my little 250GB HDD is pretty ancient.

My CPU (3.33Ghz e6600 on a 1666.7FSB) got a 5.7.

With the quads out in the wild, I would think MS should do the first upping of the max score for CPU. Probably for the RAM score, too. After all, my DDR2-833 (linked and synced to FSB in BIOS) maxes out the RAM benchmark (ATM) w/ a 5.9. That is pretty sad.
i got 5.9 for every category except ram which got a 5.8

cpu @ 3.24GHz (360x9)
ram @ 900MHz (360x2.5)

but AMD CPUs get 5.9 for DDR667.... thanks to on-chip memory controller

note: my pc still runs like a retard under vista... like a P3 1GHz under WinXP