What's your BF3 FPS running a 7970 ultra preset?


Feb 18, 2004
What kind of frames are you getting with your 7970 in BF3 on ultra preset 4X Antialiasing?

On Gulf of Oman, I dip into mid 40's. I'm scratching my head because I swear that's not much better than my 580 was at 950core. My 7970 is running 1275 core / 1750 memory. Whats going on? Are the drivers still garbage for BF3?

I've tried everything from RC11 up to 12.3. BF3 just doesn't seem much faster on my 7970 compared to my previous 580.

Whats your experience in BF3 with your 7970?
Just turn off MSAA and leave Post AA on and bask in considerably improved performance at basically no visual impact
With my 3x 7970 @ full Ultra 4xMSAA w/ morphological AA on at 2560x1440 I'm around 130fps, sometimes dips into 80s but sometimes shoots up to 170s
playing at 1080p i also get dips into the 40's in certain spots on Oman, Sharqi, and Karkand. i'm less tolerant of low framerate in BF3 than other games so i've settled on the following settings:

all HIGH settings with effects and textures set to ULTRA
FXAA to preference (medium looks best to me, less texture blurring)

try these settings and see how you like them. no noticeable difference in image quality and the framerate dips on Oman etc. should be in the mid-upper 50's which is much more tolerable IMO. my 7970 is clocked quite a bit lower than yours, so you might be able to adjust the settings upwards a bit.
Thanks for the feedback. I'll try those settings. Im just concerned if its the amd drivers with BF3. I also got dips in the 40's with the 580 and the my 7970 should be around 35% faster at my clocks. I'm just not seeing it in BF3.
i got those dips with my 460 SLI setup in the exact same map locations. it's a BF3 thing, whether that be something wonky with the game or just a very graphics intensive section of the map.
Have the new nvidia cards been released? I would like to see a comparison with the 7970's.
With my 3x 7970 @ full Ultra 4xMSAA w/ morphological AA on at 2560x1440 I'm around 130fps, sometimes dips into 80s but sometimes shoots up to 170s

I hate you. I'm happy if I stay around 40fps. I feel like the BF3 experience would be at least twice as enjoyable at a constant 60fps. The thought of 120fps on a good 120hz monitor makes me drool.
I run sli 560 2gb and on oman I get serious dips regardless of settings. Now the dips on low would be from 140 to 80 so not so bad but on all high, medium fxaa and that's it I should not be going down into the 40's like I do either. That is at 1600x1200 ffs. I think Oman and Caspian just have issues period.
was actually wondering the same thing

its just the maps im guessing.. even at 1200/1600 1.25v i still get dips into the 40's, thats with all ultra, msaa 4x, post off..
I installed the 12.4 beta and Oman only drops to low 50s. Everything is running much smother! I originally had 2d clock issues but it turned out to be msi after burners unofficial oveclocking. I used the -xcl method and the 2d clocks now work.

Installed 12.4, rebooted, added the overclocking DLL files, rebooted, added -xcl to the msi after burner target in the shortcut, then it asked me to reboot to extend the clocks.