What's with IN WIN selling their D frame with a crappy PSU?


Jul 20, 2002
I'm guessing you can only buy the IN WIN D-frame case directly from them but I'm a bit put off that they're pushing their PSU's to go with the case in a bundled package. If I can't get it without their psu I'm not wasting my $$. I'll just recycle an old C3 case.

this is sold without their crappy psu.

Edit: thought you meant the h-frame. If you want the h-frame, that comes without a psu

Have fun
since there limited edition cases and they said only one batch run was being done i see why there doing it.

they will be hot items.
Sell the PSU to a Corsair C70 Vengeance case owner?


It would look great in their military green version...
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No images yet, but in the details it states they do come with them... at least it's $100 cheaper - again, you could still recoup some money by selling the tan 800W PSU.

My favorite part of the case's design is the skeletonized motherboard tray. If I had cash to burn I would snap one up!

Wow it does come with the PSU, that could make the case $300. Hmmmm....
Not wasting my time or money with a mediocre psu. I'll put my time and effort into modding an old case instead.