Whats the worse case senario if a monitor refresh rate is set higher than recommended

Oct 23, 2002
Hey there...ok...I used to have a monitor that has been used for about 7-10 years...in the Display Properties > Setting Tab > Advanced > Monitor Tab menu I was able to pick from a list of 43 Hertz, interlaced up to 200 Hertz on a 1024x768 screen resolution...I remember that the "Hide modes that this monitor cannot display" tab was greyed out...it was set somewhere between 150-200 Hertz...

Now that monitor died a while back (R.I.P.) :(...It lived a long life...lived some of it's life in MI and in my dads office in TN and at home in TN for many years with me...now that I have a replacment (same brand and prolly a bit newer) all it says is 60 Hertz to 85 Hertz...now if I untick the checkbox that was greyed out when I used my other dead monitor (R.I.P.) :( I can see 43 Hertz, interlaced up to 120 Hertz...

Now my question is this...what kind of damage am I looking at if I untick the checkbox and set it at something like 100 Hertz or 120 Hertz??? The "warning" below the checkbox says that it could cause display probs (which sounds harmless) or damaged hardware (which is scary)...already had to bury a monitor this year and I don't feel like putting another one down...I was just lucky this time that there was a spare one at my house that no one was using...

Any help would be...helpful...THANX
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Whats the worse case senario if a monitor refresh rate is set higher than recommended?

You hear this high pitched sound as the flyback fries. Leave it running long enough and if the circuit breaker does not pop you may see a flash of electricity followed by a burnt smell and possible smoke and fire.

What do the specs in the manual or on the website say it can do?
not if they're split in have...as in using 3D glasses...if I still had my other monitor (R.I.P.) :( then I could have set it at 200Hertz whcih when split in halve (100 Hertz in left side and the other in right side)...85/2=42.5 Hertz which would make my eyes pop out of my head...if I could at least set it to the 120 Hertz mark then I would be viewing 60 Hertz in each eye which would be much easier on the eyes...

THIS is what I have right now

It's in a very open space...I remember my old desk was small and the back of the monitor was in this little space and hot air built up...now my newer desk is MUCH better and the back of the monitor can breath MUCH better now...I could physically feel the difference when I held my hand in the back when I set up the new desk...so airflow is great if that makes a difference...
well keep in mind, not all monitors can support higher refresh rates, then what is listed, before clicking the button to enable the ones the monitor cannot support, it may say it is running higher but is actauly running at that monitor's maximum refresh rate that is listed.
if it IS bad then would the damage be immediate??? If I set it to 120 then would the monitor go bad right then or would it take time??? Any symptoms??? What about hotness???