What's the hype?

Thank for your response eric66.

RamonGTP, I used search tool to find anything relating to power consumption and etc... It took me to this thread. I apologize if I posted it in wrong thread. In fact, I am trying to avoid making new thread because last time I did. I got flamed by someone for creating same thread and told me to use search tool next time. So I did this and now you are telling me not to post in here? :(

Anyways, I got all the information I found in here and other forum like anandtech, overclocker.net, and etc.. about HD5970 and PSU. Thank you for helping me with little of information. ;)
I normaly don't care but you jumped on a guy who was staying on topic, replying to the original post. His responce had nothing to do with your question. and yes, your post does not belong here in this thread.