What's the first video game you ever played?

Xenon 2
Are you sure it wasn't Sonic you first played or are you fooling us a little? :) Or were there fake Asian game cartridges back then with Nintendo games that you could play on the Mega Drive/Genesis?

Pretty sure it was fake, probably the whole console was fake, I remeber for sure that it was not the real Sega Mega Drive since the graphics looked worse (or it was the older version, I was a kid back then so no clue) and no it was not Sonic :)
Super mario world SNES, loved that game.

First computer game was doom 2, i was only 8 or 9 but my older cousin used to let us play it.

For me it was something on the Bally Astrocade. Snakes, Clowns, something like that. I also played Wizard of Wor on it, and a X-Wing/Tie Fighter kind of game, that I can't remember the name of off the top of my head. I still remember the pistol-grip controllers for that thing. It was a pretty cool system. I was about 3 years old at the time, but I played it a lot, and remember the games vividly. My parents had it, and my dad's friend had one, so I'd play it there too. Then they got Atari 2600s, Vic 20s, C64s, etc. and thus began my life-long tour of game consoles and computers.
The Oregon Trail on Apple II was the first video game I ever played. I think the one that really got me into video games, though, was Ghostbusters on SMS.
The Oregon Trail on Apple II was the first video game I ever played. I think the one that really got me into video games, though, was Ghostbusters on SMS.

I had Ghostbusters on the C64. Great game! The game that REALLY got me into games, and the C64 in general though was Jumpman. Still play it from time to time.
First video game I remember playing was Asteroids on an Atari machine. I think it was a 5200 but might have been the 2600. Pretty fuzzy memory.
Hand Held? Probably a late 1970's electronic handheld game such as Football or Soccer. Console .. Atari 2600. I loved River Raid 2 and Adventure. PC? It would have been some text adventure at the University of North Texas in Denton Tx in their computer lab around 1980 that produced tons and tons of printer computer paper.

Around 1984 the kid up the street had a C-64 that we would program all night and have to leave on since you lost the program when the power was shut off. My first home computer was an Amiga 500 around 1990. The Amiga kicked ass and was amazing. At the time, PC's only had 4 color or 16 color. I was there at the start of early PC gaming and of course the Amiga. Awesome time in history. Now 7 year olds have crappy phone games. Will never be the same again.

Oh the memories. Thank you for starting this tread.
It was either star trek for mainframe, a special port someone did at bell labs/bellcore pre-divestitutre for some thick terminal that could do vector based graphics, or adventure for whatever archaic mainframer/mini that monroe was running in their destructive testing facility.

Back when take your kid to wrok day in IT wasn't just a reprieve from endless bullshit meetings.
I don't remember the game , but whatever it was, it was on commodore 64.
Probably Donkey Kong on the Coleco Vision.
I'm not sure what mine was since I started real early, but I'm sure it too was on Coleco Vision.
The most likely were Zaxxon, Frogger, BurgerTime, or Donkey Kong.

I remember when we finally got our NES, that damn ColecoVision became junk. The controllers were the most useless things ever. 3 kids tearing over that thing and sticky keypads didn't help either. I can't even recall a single game that actually used that number pad.


I also seem to recall some Lunar Lander game on our Macintosh SE.
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First PC game, some old Disney game that ran on a 5" floppy. I don't remember much except playing as Mickey and walking around visiting other Disney characters and pressing random items that made sounds.

*Edit* Ha! Found it! Not a bad memory for a 2 year old.

First console game was the Duck Hunt/Mario Bros combo cart.
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I'm not completely sure, but I think it was a skiing game :). You go down, you have to pass through the gates and avoid trees and rocks.

Ha! I had it. There were a couple actually. Skiing, Skier, Downhill, and Ski or Die. :D The first few I think were programmed in basic, because you could hit Shift+C= and it would change the character set. Ski or Die would have been a bit more obvious though as it was like Skate or Die.

I'm not completely sure, but I think it was a skiing game :). You go down, you have to pass through the gates and avoid trees and rocks.

Was it by any chance SkiFree?

I played that at school way back in the day (mid 90's), was a fun game. Trying to outrun the Yeti was a pita.
The ones on the C64 were very much like SkiFree, but if I remember correctly you had to stay within the flags.
Haha, I remember ski free. Think it came on a verbatim sampler disk. I've still ot it in a box downstairs I think.

Chips challenge was figgin' sweet back in the win 3.1 days. Even saw it on a Compaq Presario Radio Shack commercial that aired during the final episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation...
pong on one of these in the mid/late 70's

First PC game was hangman on a TRS 80

But the game that got me hooked on PC gaming was Pool of Radiance (even though it was on an apple ii not a PC)

Pong or Shooting Gallery on a Magnavox Odyssey. Don't remember which.
Does this count?

My Uncle had one like this but a different model with a toggle switch & I used to play it all the time when I was little.

It would have to be this riding down a tank trail in 80,81
Mario on the original Nintendo First game I ever beat was toejam and earl on sega :) I miss that game so much
I take that back, my great uncle had an actual Pong table-style cabinet in his game room.

There might've been a upright Pac-man cabinet too.

I was 4-5 or so, it's hard to recollect.

Obviously, at the time, I was more concerned with racing his Power-Wheels with my cousins heh.

Let's just say the IRS took him to the cleaners in the late 90's. o_O
Horse racing game called Galloping Gamblers. I can't even find a reference to it. Only reason I remember it was because I had the highest score ever recorded and had my name published in some old pc mag.