what your buying, Intel i7 6950X , i7 6900K , i7 6850K or i7 6800K?

which new processor are you getting?

  • Intel i7 6950X

  • i7-6900K

  • i7-6850k

  • i7-6800k

  • old and cheaper: 5960x

  • i7-5930k

  • i7-5820k

  • i7-6700k

  • i7-4790k

  • cheap i5, i3 or amd?

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I already have a 5960X, so I'll probably go with a 6950X on the next go round... if I upgrade at all.
fairly certain i'll go with the 6800K. If price is outrageous and/or performance is lacking i'll go with the 6700K. no matter what i'm upgrading to something in June.
Recently built a mini itx Lanbox with a 6700k. It has a GTX 970 in it for now. Waiting to see what new GPUs hit the street later this year. I would like to try a 6+ core build some day. Right now though I don't really need that kind of cpu power.
I expect the 10 core / 20 threaded Skylake-E on Black Friday of 2017. However by then we should know what Zen has to offer.
It's a damn shame that you still have to drop $200-300 for a C602 board to go along with those chips.

Regardless, if i was going to be upgrading...it would be a 6800k/X99 setup.

You can get a dual socket Intel s2600p from Natex.us for $175 if money is tight. However I think its a damn shame that people might buy a single socket X99 board for the same price as they could have a dual socket C612 for.

I recently updated from the X79 and a 1650V2 (4930K equivalent) to the X99 Classified with a 5820K to tide me over. I'm waiting for some 1650 to 1680V4 processors to drop. The Xeons are much higher quality, run much cooler even with higher voltage, and overclock just as good as their i7 counterparts.
I built a 5820k x99 setup last summer. I can't really say which chip I will upgrade to, or if I will upgrade at all, before I see some solid benchmarks. Broadwell-E into my existing motherboard seems tempting though, assuming there are no roadblocks to making that work.
It would be nice to get an 8 core if it came down to around $300. I did score my x99/5820k system for free. :)
Son bought a new system with the 8 core for his first system that he built himself.
I think that with the new systems having more cores, its better for people who need a gaming and fast workstation. They can have the best of both.
Still on Ivy Bridge, wil get an i7 soon though. Still incrimental upgrades each year, haven't seen a reason to upgrade.
Buying? Bought a 6600k ~2 months ago or so. Have it running at 4.3Ghz at 1.160v
6800k for sure! Was tempted by an e5-2670 v1 + a x79 asus sabertooth for $245..but I got over it...I need a new platform
I really can't make up my mind whether to upgrade my aging 3770K or just replace the GPU
Gaming wise the GPU will be a bigger improvement overall. I figure I could live with my 3770k for another 2 GPU upgrades if I wanted to, but I am also looking to upgrade and build a new system. I want to wait for Skylake-E but at the rate intel is moving that might be 2018 and I definitely want to build a new rig at the end of this year/start of next year.
Another 3770K still going strong here, 4.5GHz. Not really feeling the need to upgrade any time soon, as long as I have PCI-e bandwidth for a fast single GPU I'm good to go. Maybe in 2 years I'll build a new system when I get VR and hopefully a 21:9 1440p 144Hz Gsync IPS monitor.
I've already upgraded, none of the vote options apply.
Havent voted.

Bit stupid to make the results none viewable until voted when there are no options for a great number of people.
coming from 2010, I'm looking at that 10core. Hopefully the [H] Gods order a bunch and can resell me their failures. I have been saving for quite some time :(
I'm planning on hitting the 6850K assuming the 6800K has 28 lanes and 6850K has 40. The 69xxK sure are sexy with so many cores, though, but with the dramatically lower stock speeds it tells me that yields aren't likely to be that great. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the overall overclock limited by the weakest clocking core? Somehow I think I have better odds with fewer cores... and the higher stock clock speed might indicate less headroom but higher clocks overall compared to the 6800K.

But still rumored so who knows how it'll shake out on testing. It's been about 20 years since I last picked up top-class parts for a machine and since then have been going relatively cheap, currently on an i3-2120 bought like a year after launch. Very excited!
I'll probably get the 6800k. Still have the 2500k. Using more multithreaded stuff now so 6 cores sounds sweet.
is it confirmed the 10 core is 1500 or 1000? If its 1000 i will get the xeon version most likely but i am tempted to see how well priced the AMD 16 core zen chip is but if its 1500 i am waiting for zen and i'll probablly get the opteron
is it confirmed the 10 core is 1500 or 1000? If its 1000 i will get the xeon version most likely but i am tempted to see how well priced the AMD 16 core zen chip is but if its 1500 i am waiting for zen and i'll probablly get the opteron

The 6950X (10/20) is expected to be $1700.
I've got an Extra Spicy E5-2690 V4 on the way - 2.5GHz all cores or 3GHz single core. Barring single threaded applications and DX9 games such as Guild Wars 2, the performance will the same as a 10C 6950X @3.5GHz boost for a mere $349.00.

That's one sweet price to performance index!
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I'm currently running a 10 core ivy Cpu. Wondering if it's worth upgrading to a 12 or 14 core haswell cpu.
I was able to get a stable 4.8ghz all cores oc on my 5930k the last month, but I think I'm gonna move it into a itx box and get the 6900k for the main rig for editing.