What would you do given these requirements?


Mar 27, 2011

I can't make my mind up and hope you can help, I'm consolidating and having a case built that houses 2 x EATX motherboards and 30 disks.

I have a dual xeon motherboard (eight cores) with 24GB RAM and three eight port SATA cards and a quad core motherboard with a HD6970.

The requirements I have:

I want to run ZFS with good performance
I have a bunch of PC games on Steam

But my main day-to-day OS is Snow Leopard, so I will find a way to get that installed.

So basically I have two motherboards but I want to run 3 OS'es.

I was originally just going to do a straight install of Solaris on the Xeon board and Win7/Mac install on the quad core.

But perhaps there is a better way, virtualisation maybe?

I would prefer not to dual boot or bootcamp.

Thanks for looking.

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The Boot Camp option only applies to Macs running Windows, not vice versa. Just install Windows and OS X on your generic quad core platform and Solaris on the Xeon platform. Virtualization is not an exceptional option, though you could feasibly virtualize Windows in OS X or vice versa depending on what your specific usage goals are. Depending on what types of games you play, you may find that OS X has many of them available on Steam (most with SteamPlay), negating any specific need for Windows.
If you're hardware is compatible you could use this: http://asem.com.tw/en/efix-1-1.html

and still dual boot your computer using bootcamp.

It works very well. We use it for programming, testing and debug work.

Then you can use your other motherboard for ZFS stuff.