What to get


Limp Gawd
Oct 16, 2002
I have been looking around to get a inexpenisve mac. I was looking at getting a mac mini or possibly a used G4 off of ebay. I won't really be doing anything intensive on it, I want it mainly to familiarize myself with OSX as I am a linux/windows only guy. Maybe throw some lite progamming in there. I want something that is decent, so it will be somewhat up to date later on. What do you guys think is the best way to go. Thanks.

Also, I was wondering what is a good amount of ram to stick with for OSX. I have heard that because of the GUI it tends to use a fair amount of ram. Is this true? Thanks again.


Oct 31, 2004
buy a mini. upgrade ram yourself.

If it turns out you dont like OSX then resell it. It'll be easy to get rid of a mac mini while losing on minimal moolah : P


Jan 8, 2004
If you're not planning on doing much [H]ardware upgrading, my vote goes toward the Mac Mini. If you will be using the machine for a while to come, and will need the option of extra HDD capacity as well as PCI cards and CPU upgrades in the future, then i would lean towards the used G4 tower.
I'm guessing that most people will tell you 512MB as a minimum for RAM. Anything less would be punishment. (I mean, it's possible: i do run 10.2 on a G3 with 160MB RAM... it's just not blindingly fast. ;)) I'm not sure if it's the GUI interface that's takeing up all the memory, but i do know that either way, OS X is a memory hog.
Just my $0.02