What to get. Sata 2.5 to m.2?


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Apr 22, 2008
I currently have a Samsung EVO 500gb sata drive and I'm looking to upgrade to a 1tb drive that's faster. Looking to spend less than 175.

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I’d look for a decent gen 3 x4 pcie nvm drive. There are many, and you’re going to look for a 2280. Though almost all are 2280 now anyways.
I have the SN750 WD nvme gen3x4. Works really well as my system drive. I like it.
Does a heatsink on that WD one really matter
Most of the time they do not matter. They may help cool a few degrees but unless you’re doing very demanding loads, the heat sink is not needed. And some motherboards have a built in heatsink for a nvme drive.
I value space much more than speed, any ssd will give you snapiness that we love about having ssds, no matter if its a sata or nvme, i would go with 2tb sata ssd if i were in the market, Crucial mx500 2tb would be my recommendation.
Does a heatsink on that WD one really matter

The Flash memory actually prefers running at higher temperatures. The onboard SSD controller however is not unlike any other processor in that it has a maximum temperature. It's designed to be able to run without a heatsink, but that is made possible because above a certain temperature, the SSD controller will simply start to throttle itself in order to reduce temperature. In this sense, using a heatsink can help ensure that the controller never throttles and that you always maintain full performance. Obviously this all depends on ambient case temperature, what other hot components are next to the M.2 slot, and the type of SSD controller used.
I have two WD BLUE 1TB sata ssds that I use for gaming. They work pretty great. Highly rec them for cheap fast gaming performance.