What to do about HDCOTY 2010?

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Dec 12, 2005
I think the poll regarding gkanakis speaks for itself.. now, the question is what do we do about HDCOTY for 2010?

Do we give it to the runner up (musky) or do we not award it at all? I've had several people tell me they'd rather have the title go to no one at all since it is now mired in controversy.

Anyone have any ideas as to what to do here?
I was one of the ones who said it should not be re-awarded. That is still my vote.
musky is the runner-up. If he doesn't want the title then nobody should get it.
For whatever it's worth, I agree with musky. Just let it go away.

Just my opinion.
I think musky's stance on the issue pretty much settles it.
So be it, case closed along with the thread.
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