What should I buy? Oculus Rift or HTC Vive?

Feb 1, 2008
I have the option of buying the Oculus Rift at $399 brand new or buy my cousin's slightly used (read: barely) HTC Vive for $600. What one should I get? Is one really $200 better or worse?
Get the Rift/Touch bundle for $400. Spend the other $200 on games.

You'll get a pile of cool stuff free in the Oculus store. You'll also have full access to Steam.

Maybe hold onto $60 for a third sensor if you can't get perfect tracking or have a larger area to play in.
As Decibel says, Get the Rift/Touch bundle and the extra sensor. You also get over $100 worth of free software with the Rift and you get really good quality headphones.
Be sure to pick up Lone Echo. Amazeballs! I own a TON of VR games and it is by far the best money I've spent on a VR title to date. It's actually two different games in one.... a kick-ass multiplayer e-sport type game, but the single player portion of the game is pretty freakin incredible.