What platform got you into gaming?

I started out playing Sonic 2 and Evander Holyfield boxing on a Genesis :D. Then I got my hands on a demo CD with the shareware version of Doom and it all exploded from there :).
If you count Atari as a pc then it was PC for me. I still remember having to use cassette tapes to load the games on my atari 600xl. I wasn't privy to the cartridge games ;)

I think about the only thing a 600xl could do was games... And I bet not even all games could play on it, due to the lack of RAM (only 16KB, wasn't the VIC-20 20KB? A C64 was needed for the better games)...

(if you had a disk drive, I am pretty sure the DOS (whatever it was called) took up like 6KB of RAM... I just know I had a 600xl for about 24hrs, 'til parents were convinced it could do almost nothing, and then pitched in more $$$ for the 800xl...)