What platform got you into gaming?


Jan 4, 2007
Was is PC or Consoles? for me it was consoles at first. I had a genesis and then later on i got a N64 i was so happy. But then i soon left consoles and went into PC gaming since then. But i still play consoles tho.;)
Console at first many years ago, but I got burned out with them. PC and online multi-player got me back into it.
Same as above, initial console that got me properly into gaming was the playstation, faded out after the xbox 1, PC gaming now, though even PC gaming sucks alot
first it was console
until the early 2002, since then mostly pc.
Consoles. My first real system was an Intellivision when I was 6 or so. It was around the time of the crash, so me and my uncle had a ton of games we bought cheap from stores clearing them out. We would each buy different games so we could trade back and forth that way we could play more. Wanted a computer, but we never could afford one. When the NES came out it was all over. I like computers and love to play PC games, but I'll always be a console guy at heart.
Well it had to be console since we got an NES when I was really young. SNES really hooked me though. All the sweet RPGs.

consoles cause they were first on the scene. pong in 72. infected thoroughly since
overall consoles, but the old commodore 64 was pretty awesome with lemonade stand:rolleyes: .

Commodore 64!
PC (sim city 2k) whatever happened to those games?
IMO there is a difference between playing games and gaming. Consoles broke me into playing games. Best friend had an Atari 2600, then later the neigbors had an Intellivision, which was the shiznit in its time. NES followed, then Genesis (even bought the 32X expansion), N64, and PS1. However, PC definitely got me into gaming, specifically RTCW. At least for now I'm back full circle and gaming more on Xbox360 than PC.
I started with PC's, but not too long after that I got a NES, and have always played both PC games and console games regularly.
Console here. It all started with Atari 2600. I have been completly addicted ever since. =
Admittedly, I have to admit it was the NES demo unit they had at K-Mart (those were the days). However, what really made me the drug addict was the 5 dollar shareware titles that allowed me to realize the potential of my dad's new 386 and SVGA monitor. Wolf3d, Duke Nukum, Black Stone, Halloween Harry, Super Munchers, Oregon Trail, Jill of the Jungle...oh sweet, sweet bliss...:cool:
Hero's Quest (now renamed Quest for Glory) was the first game to really suck me in. Secret of Monkey Island is also one I played early on, as well as Commander Keen, Doom I, Duke Nukem, and various other Apogee and LucasArts games.

As far as console gaming goes, I just missed out on the NES era (I'm 20), but really made my mark starting with the release of the Sega Genesis. I still play her at least once a week. :)
Jill of the Jungle
I completely forgot about Jill of the Jungle! Mmm, honestly I had more fun gaming back in those days than I do now. Stupid maturity, why did you have to kick in?
for me it was a combination of the PC/jr and atari. I loved the original ms flight simulator and Jumpman. And, of course, all the awesome atari games that I still have today.
If you count Atari as a pc then it was PC for me. I still remember having to use cassette tapes to load the games on my atari 600xl. I wasn't privy to the cartridge games ;)
Jill of the Jungle

Commander Keen, Duke Nukem...

I completely forgot about Jill of the Jungle! Mmm, honestly I had more fun gaming back in those days than I do now. Stupid maturity, why did you have to kick in?

Aw heck yeah! Jill of the Jungle, Commander Keen, Duke Nukem, and Crystal Caves FTW

A little bit of Arctic, too :D
I started with PC's, but not too long after that I got a NES, and have always played both PC games and console games regularly.

Same for me. I was really young when I started (I'm 21 now). My first games were Wolfenstein 3D, Police Quest 1, and NES games.
My first gaming memories were Choplifter, Space Harrier, Outrun, and Hang-on from the Sega Master System. Then on to Mario, Zelda, Tecmo Bowl, Punch-Out and Tetris on the NES. Got an SNES for my birthday the same year it came out (my parents managed to get the first one off the truck for that particular store). Got a Genesis in 1992 with a couple of games (Sonic, MK, etc). Got an N64 in 1998, a PS in 2001, a Gamecube in 2004, and finally a PS2 that DRE'd like a bitch in 2005.

I didn't really get into PC games until 1999 when I got my graduation present (a K6-2 450 with 128MB RAM).
Genesis - i remember TMNT on that.. and then PS1, then straight to PC with GCN and xbox love here and here. All in all, ill die a PC gamer at heart.
arcade got me into it.

then consoles.

then pc

PC was too weak back in the day to game on anyway.
Commodore 64, then a Cyrix 486DLC-33. Impossible Mission FTW. Had an amiga for about a week, playing Gods on that rocked hard.

LOAD "*",8,1
PC: Atari 800 and Lunar Lander was my first game.

Shamus and Zeppelin were 2 great games.
My first and only console: Atari 2600

Everything since has been computer gaming starting with my beloved Atari 800, several Macs, and lots of PC desktops and notebooks.
I played pong on the TV back in 73 or so too but the first system that got me hooked was the Mattel Intellivision system in the late 70's, then I went Nintendo 8bit, Sega Genesis 16bit, TurboGraphx16bit, then finally PC. Bought an Xbox360 but didn't like it much compared to PC gaming so sold that and now I am exclusively a PC gamer and expect to stay one 'til my dieing days.
hey phil

anyway Sega genesis, Sonic and the 3 games in 1, o and also a classic Paperboy!!!:)
NES, but before that I had played Intellivision and Sega Master System, NES just made me want to be a gamer though. Then SNES, which I think is still the best system ever, got me thoroughly hooked thanks to games like zelda, metroid, secret of mana, and chrono trigger.