What mono with 2700x


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Apr 22, 2008
So I'm looking to build new PC for wife who just uses it for video streaming and paying bills. I'm going to hop on the AMD 2700X from MC for $130 and am looking at what would be the best Mobo to pair with it, it needs on board video and Wi-Fi.

How is this one? Gigabyte B450 AORUS PRO WIFI AM4 ATX AMD Motherboard
You're not going to have onboard video unless you use one of the "G" CPUs such as the 2400g, 3200g or 3400g. None of the non-"G" AMD CPUs have built in graphics. Pretty much every board is going to have the HDMI/DP outputs but they're useless unless you get one of the "G" CPUs which the 2700x is not one of them. You will need a discrete graphics card with the 2700x.
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Sounds like a 3400g would fit the bill for this. It is literally half the cpu compared to a 2700x maybe less.

Awesome deals on 2700x right now, but you will need to buy a graphics card, no matter what motherboard you buy