What kind of speeds will I see with .11G?


Aug 6, 2003
What kind of speeds will I see with 802.11G with less-than-optimal conditions?
Anyone have any real life speeds they have observed themselves?

I currently have 802.11B (BEFW11S4 V2) and MAX I will get ~50K w/ 2 clients on. One idling and one trying to stream a TV feed (850KB/sec at standard def. )
Anyway, I would like to be able to push at LEAST 900KB/sec, any thing better would be great. What speeds can I expect?

Also, what AP router do you recommend?

Cactus Jack

Limp Gawd
Jan 31, 2003
At perfect conditions (in the same room as the Access Point you'll see 2mbyte/sec, but real world you'll see over a megabyte easy even at some distance from the AP.

I've had good luck with my Netgear, but Linksys gets praise from a lot of people around here.


Feb 3, 2002
Best case scenario for .11g gear is about 20-25 Mb. So, divide that by 8 and you get 2 to 3 MB/sec. Long story short, as long as your client associations are strong then 900K is not a problem. Throw in a few walls or rebar, something different and you may or may not have a problem.

All the budget stuff is fairly equal. Buffalo Technologies is a slight step above the DLinks, Linksys's and Netgears. I've had sustained 2.8 MB/s transfers benching with customers WLAN during setup and configuring.