What kind of power supply goes in this case?


Sep 26, 2011
A corsair RM650 fits in the bracket in the front corner, but the fan would be right up against lid of the case. And the AC port is on the wrong side (toward front of case). Is this just a silly case, or can I find a better supply?

here's one with the supply sitting in it

The underlying problem is

1: People want to use standard ATX PSUs
2: People want to use as little rackspace as possible
3: People want full support for an ATX board.
4: There is not enough space at the back of a rackmount case to mount an ATX PSU horizonally without obstructing an ATX motherboard.

So case vendors put the PSU upfront and provided you with a power cable to go from back to front of case. It's not ideal that the power cord has to loop round all the way to the front of the case but it's not a massive problem either.

A bigger problem is the fan. Even with a traditional PSU with the fan at the rear the fan is sucking air in the "wrong direction" and as you have discovered with a PSU that uses a large fan the ventilation setup just doesn't work at all.

Finding PC PSUs from trusted vendors that use a single rear fan. Seems very difficult. All the decent vendors seem to have move to the "bottom fan" design. Seasonic seem to do a traditional fan option in their "bulk PSU line" but details are scarce (in particular there only seem to be photos to go on for the fan layout). http://www.seasonicusa.com/atx.htm

Another option I might consider is getting a fanless PSU with vents on all sides and then rigging up my own fans to push some air through it.
Ah, thanks.
Maybe that's why there were 20 of these cases in the trash.

Cut vent in chassis?