What kind of Headphones do you own?

What kind Of Headphone Do You Own?

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Mister X

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Apr 20, 2002
This question had not been asked for a while so I figured it was overdue. :)

You are allowed to select more then one option when you vote in this poll
(you can vote for more then one brand)

I'm sorry if your favorite brand is not listed.... I ran out of options. ;)
Well, I suppose this is a specialized poll, what about those that have the Sony Qualias? :p

I guess I'm the first Alessandro MS-1 person to post. I would like to be getting an amp though, when I scrape up some cash, so I can drive something better.
Sony and some unknown brands..

My Sony headphones are on the "post Your Headphones thread".. :p

Sony seems a bit of a glaring omission...

Grado HF-1, Sony Eggo MDR-D77.
AKG K1000, AKG K701 (soon! #2 in line at headroom preorder), BeyerDynamic DT990pro, Grado HF-1 #126
Sennheiser HD 437 :)

(still thinking about getting closed headphones...)
All I have right now are some decent Creative 'phones, but I'm looking at some nice big 'phones or some IEMs. Just need to save up a bit more... :D
Alessandro MS-1
Sharp MD33
Senn MX400

I want to pick up some new canals though. I find the sharps tend to pull on one side because of the crazy long extension cable that makes them 3 pole. Lookin at either the Etymotic er6i or the UE super.fi pro 3's.
Sony MDR-V600 - had them for close to 10 years now and still going strong. Can't believe you didn't list Sony as a choice...
Sennheiser HD580
Sennheiser HD650
Beyer Dynamic DT770 80 Ohm
Beyer Dynamic DT990
Audio Technica A900
Shure E3C

Need a nice new amp....
I just bought a pair of 4 week old Sennheiser HD-595 off a guy from head-fi. Don't have it yet though :(
Got some Sennheiser HD-545s, MX-300 earbuds, a pair of Ety ER-4Ps, and some crappy Koss Plugs. I also used to have a pair of Koss Sportapros but I gave them to my dad.
I have a pair of Alessandro MS-1s>HeadRoom Total Airhead>Cardas 12 inch mini to mini interconnect>AudioSolutions portable CD player. All in all this system is pretty decent for classic rock.
a pair of AKG k501 and a doobooloo maxed out PPA v1.1b , with tailored and variable BASS boost on , very nice aestethics ( transparent face and rear plate , silver pots and beige chassis ) , transportable size , ( burrn brown 637/627 on and 8610 available ) ; great conditions of course , rolling opas capabilities for seeking your sound

looking forward to akg 701s

oh and a pair of senn pc150s for my laptop
No Sony option?!?!?!?!?!!??!

I use my SA5000s as my main cans, and I have the Sennheiser 457s and AKG 240s as my backups for laying in bed listening at night, where the bright SA5000s don't work very well(plus I don't like the idea of falling asleep with $350 around my head :p
No Sony option?!?!?!?!?!!??!

Nope there is a max of 10 options for a poll here. :(
I'm waiting for some one to bitch about there not being a Plantronics option. :p
Sennheiser HD-25 (which I love despite the price) and a few pairs of Grado SR-60's which I also love because of the price.
Senns, hd-202s. I might be looking to get an amp sometime soon, I hope. And 280s or something from the 600 series.

I have Zalman 5.1's

If there are different versions I'm unaware but it was the first ones they had out. I love them.