What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

My old rig from that era with dual 8800GTX's (Asus top / eVGA bot).. and the wonderful Abit IN9 32x max (n680sli) motherboard that didn't squeeze the cards right next to each other.. and that crazy zalman cooler. I loved that thing lol!

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That's pretty sick... Always wanted to play around with 8800 GTX cards but never bothered... I should rectify that in the future.
My Radeon RX480 8gb gave me years of good service at 1080p, only upgrades xmas 2023 (18mth) as I was not prepared to pay the mining/covid premium. Its still doing service in another rig now.
Out of all the video cards you've owned and used, which is your favorite? Which one hits you in the feels?

Favorite: 980TI. I played and replayed more games then any other time in my life thanks to this card. Powerful, inexpensive, and still able to hold its own in 1080P.

Runner up: Voodoo 2. The card, the myth, the legend. The first time I played Unreal Tournament on Voodoo 2 SLi was life altering.
ATI 9700 Pro and 8800gt, hands down. Third place is Geforce 2 GTX, and 4th is the original Voodoo card that kicked this whole thing off.