What is your "dream monitor" right now?


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Jan 16, 2013
Looks like Asus has catered to about 70% of the people here with the release of their new 120hz 1440k IPS monitor at CES. Taking that demographic out of this thread, we have some pretty crazy ideas going on. I'd go something more conservative:
1-2ms response
No goofy looking stand

Not sure what hardware everyone else is rocking, but I'll probably stick to ITX. With just one GPU, "lower" (standard?) resolution with with better FPS or quality would be my preference.


Mar 10, 2011
-IPS preferrably with true 8bit (with ATW polarizer? :) ) and factory calibrated (6500k, 2.2...) ... with good enough quality control and no ridiculous panel lottery :D

-G-Sync preferrably 120-144hz but I could live with a 60hz G-Sync IPS panel to be honest
-1080p although 1440p is acceptable too but that's my upper limit
-22-27" (yeah I don't mind 1080p on 27", my eyes appreciate it in fact)
-input lag below 10ms
-light matte (the semi glossy type)
-decent uniformity and contrast of 1:1000 minimum.

That's it, pretty reasonable I think...
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Nov 16, 2008
32"-40" 5120x2160 curved 21:9 IPS with standard vesa mount low input lag, good motion resolution, no backlight bleed , no PWM flicker, glossy or good matte coating, minimal bezels that aren't reflective, 12bit-14bit hardware LUT and proper calibration controls. Flush front surface instead of offset bezels could be nice and G-sync too.

Black Octagon

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Sep 15, 2012
Okay, so use the word "dream" a little less literally, try to be somewhat realistic. (OLED, for one, is what I want but I know it isn't coming out very soon at prices that are reasonable).

Reasonable dreams? Where's the fun in that?
Fine... :)

OLED with HDR (don't care about price when I'm dreaming)
Bezel 'free' (but with a tiny, high performance, webcam built in)
VESA wall-mountable
Support for variable refresh (both G-Sync and FreeSync, ideally)
Capable of true 240Hz (OLED is capable of this in principle)
super MHL and DP 1.3 (when they actually exist)
USB 3.1
No power brick
Strobing (or black frame insertion) for low motion blur mode
Ultra thin
Lifetime pixel perfect warranty
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May 13, 2010
32 inch or larger
1440P or higher
Freesync & Gsync compatible
NO input lag
Displayport 1.3 & HDMI 2.0
Chroma 4:4:4

I'm very seriously considering the purchase of the new LG EF9500 55 inch OLED as a computer monitor. It checks most of the boxes above. The 2014 model has 240hz, 36ms input lag and it's OLED. Freesync support would be great but I doubt it even has a Displayport. Chroma 4:4:4 should work thanks to the new HDMI 2.0 chips.

I was trying to figure out seating distance, will sitting 5 to 6 feet away from a 55 inch 4k display be easy to see?

I have 20/20 vision but I prefer larger fonts. My 27 inch 1440P monitor is about 2 to 3 feet from my face before I'm content at the stock windows font size.

Edit: I haven't bought a new display in 1.5 years! Crazy.
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Sep 24, 2001
My dream display at this point would be if Wacom teamed up with Apple and gave me a 27" 5k iMac on a low stand like a Wacom Cintiq so that I could use it for retouching photos. The new 27" Wacom Cintiq was announced, and it's fantastic, but it's only 2560x1440. That and that means if you're already working with a 27" iMac you'd have two displays one on top of another (or I guess beside one another, but one at a much lower angle to facilitate using a pen).

Having a 5k iMac combined with a Wacom tablet would allow for one device to do it all, which would be awesome. It would also be extremely useful in the usage case of bringing it on location (and before anyone says 27" is too big to transport, it happens ALL the time in the photography and video industry, especially for indoor locations with power... when you're brining around 8-12 lights, 15 c-stands, backdrops, and several 100lbs of other gear, a 27" machine isn't a big deal at all, and there are plenty of cases designed specifically for transporting iMacs). The Digital Tech could use the 5k screen, bouncing back and forth between the photographer, and then there could easily be a second display for clients mirrored as necessary and eliminate the need for a tablet, or a Cintiq, etc.


I guess if I'm supposed to spec out the display,
I'd like it to have at least 100% Adobe RGB, I wouldn't mind it having as much ProPhoto RGB as possible (which is a much larger color space than even Adobe RGB).
I would love it to be non-PWM, LED backlit.
Inky blacks (although Apple actually does this pretty well already).
Glossy (which Apple already does).
True 1500:1 contrast ratio (at least). Greater always appreciated, but hard with LCD.
10-Bit processing, 16-Bit LUT
Built in internal calibration (if this is fantasy island, I'd have Apple also work with X-Rite with a pop down hardware calibrator, or some other hardware calibrator).
Stable Color - I'd prefer a monitor that can "warm up" in 3 minutes or less.
Dual display, or screen sharing. A feature that Apple has never had. With 5k, it would be possible to have 4x 1080p inputs at the same time at full resolution. I'd be happy with just 2 total inputs at the same time. 1 from the iMac itself, and one from another source.
Brightness: Able to go as low as 70 cd/m2 at least. And up to maybe 200 cd/m2. For editing for print between 80-100 cd/m2 is optimal.


I am 100% certain that my wants from a display are going to be VERY different than most on here, that would probably care more about things like 120hz, response time (g-to-g), etc. Obviously I'm interested in using my display for the display quality and color accuracy. Of course I wouldn't mind if my imaginary setup had those features, but they are soooo low on the priority list compared to the other things I listed.
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Dec 26, 2014
It's a good question. I wonder if there is any infrastructure that could be resuscitated..

I reckon the vats of molten glass, and the construction of the electron gun assembly (which requires micrometer precision) would be among the biggest challenges.

Shipping costs would be a big challenge too, but if there was enough demand, who knows.

Here is an interesting project (also see this thread where it's discussed).

I do wonder, though, how many engineers are alive today that still have all the knowledge necessary to run a CRT manufacturing project.

I mean, I'm not sure if the engineers have all died off or whatever, it's not like we're talking many generations ago. CRTs were still big up until the early years of the 2000s. So we're talking 12 years or so ago.

I'd think quite a few of them retired. Possibly there are some who are still active as engineers but with other tasks. It's these I'm interested in. They're rusty for sure. They're also probably a lot older than most other engineers. It's just an interesting thing to speculate about, how much rust could there be anyway?

I'm assuming, like you, that the major problems would be material. Both getting the specific stuff you need for CRTs and then we have the problems of scale.

I actually think it's probably too late for CRTs now, even if it was possible for the infrastructure to begin. You need lead-in time, and since the know-how of CRTs is probably there but needs to be dusted off, we're talking longer time to market than normal monitors. In 2 years I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing (expensive) OLED monitors. But once they're out there, prices fall dramatically, as they did with 4K monitors or with OLED TVs over the past year.


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May 6, 2014
Ufff, what a waste of pixels, with such pixel budget they could easily make 40+" 21:9 curved or even wider, and THAT would be a dream.

Couldn't disagree more. You must be PC only I'm guessing?

Perfectly pixel doubled visual quality is simply stunning. Totally in love with it.


Jan 7, 2012
Right now, I would like 3440x1440 and Freesync together.

Future me wants the same, but with 120Hz via DP 1.3.


Mar 8, 2006
Well, my dream monitor was disclaimed in the first line of the original post (affordable, accessible OLED), but...

I'd say something along the lines of 32-34" IPS, 120hz, screen coating that strikes a balance between matte and glossy, minimal input lag, freesync, defeatable near-lagless local dimming, factory calibrated with a Konica Minolta cs-2000 (30k lab grade calibrator). Guess I could be reasonable and settle for a cs-310 instead.

Yeah...I'll keep dreaming, I suppose. :cool:


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Oct 28, 2014
Chroma 4:4:4 should work thanks to the new HDMI 2.0 chips.

I hope so, but some TV's with HDMI 2.0 does not have 4:4:4 even thought they can. For example, Samsung released firmware updates for some TV's which added it but I don't get why they didn't implement that properly from beginning, why add it by firmware update later. It depends on the chip used.


Jan 10, 2015
Iv been on the look out for a new VDU for the last year or so and i straight up refuse to touch LCD. As such my desired specifications has only had one change in recent months, that being the aspect ration from 16:9 to 21:9 and thus the resolution from 4k to 5k.


5K (5120 x 2160)
60hz+ preferably 75hz+
10bit color
Perfect uniformity
Lifetime pixel perfect guarantee
Goes without saying due to OLED but..
< 1ms pixel response
< 20ms input delay

Currently running a 42" Plasma since i cant stand the horrid drawbacks of LCD's ..like grey blacks, poor viewing angles, backlight bleed, ghosting/haloing/overshoot/slow pixel response etc.
I would rather deal with a bulky Plasma screen, the heat generation, and being limited to 1080p (since plasma didn't go any higher) than the plethora of LCD drawbacks just for the 1 advantage being resolution/PPI.


Nov 18, 2004
Bottom Line is, people would prefer to have 1 LARGE monitor vs 4 like I did with the U3014.

There are some interesting things out there right now.
Panasonic has there X900 65" series that seems to accomplish a lot of what I am looking for.

However, the main issue with TV's is that there response times are too high. I need somethign right now. Maybe we should also ask what can satisfy that demand lol


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May 5, 2006
"Right now" meaning it would be do-able right now?

A 120hz-144hz input 1ms response time, glossy, g-sync + ulmb mode monitor 3440x1440 (21:9). OLED would be nice but I don't think it's ready for prime time yet with a few technical hurdles and also mainly extreme price.

In the next few years? A 1080p or hopefully a 1440p, 4k, or 5k oculus rift/VR OLED headset with 90hz+ (higher the better) and screen blanking (blur elimination), + mocap.

Going forward, bezel-less and/or wide aspect OLED monitors with 120hz-144hz or higher, variable hz, screen blanking blur elimination, as well as future iterations of VR+mocap rigs.

Going way forward -- ridiculously high rez clear oled everyday wear glasses that overlay virtual objects in real-world 3d space. These would include simple things like virtual moveable screens and readouts, highlights and info (sort of like sports tv overlays or mouse-over info panels), as well as things like virtual people, virtual animated objects, and even entire virtual scenes, hybridized reality with added matching overlays in real-time, etc.. aka VR and "augmented reality". Once this dream becomes reality, having and staring at little bricks in your hand (smartphones, tablets) and "chalkboards" on your walls and desks (tv's, monitors) would look primitive in hindsight.


Nov 13, 2014
a lg 34um95 with 36" or 37" + freesync + no BLB or Glow + better stand, better menu with better ergonomics

or a Benq bl3200pt with no flicker/ banding, better menu with better ergonomics

-- we have atm great monitors but the lack of quality or control of quality is really bad, they should go for the details and then scaling is up to date i'm in for 5K in 21:9 or 16:9/10 in 32"-37"


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Jun 30, 2005
Right now, I'm just dreaming of my monitor that I paid for 4 months ago to arrive. (27" Overlord Tempest) :eek:


Aug 23, 2007
It's clear that what everyone really wants, is an oled monitor. If only some oled panel maker gave a damn.


Limp Gawd
Dec 26, 2006
FED/SED, with all the advantages of CRT's and Flatpanels combined, frameless for tri-display configs, long lifetime, sophisticated hardware-based calibration system