What is this about LED tvs I’m seeing?


Mar 14, 2004
I’ll lead off with, I’ve been clinging to my 720p LG plasma for as long as I can remember and love it. I know it’s days are numbered, and would like to have a game plan. I know I cannot describe it well so I’ll try my best.

All my experience with LED TVs is at friends and families and they almost all have cheap panels. I don’t mind the colors, but the motion tracking drives me crazy. People walking, camera panning, it just feels gross. I never noticed it until TVs went to big LED panels so I’m either crazy (since none of the owners of said TVs ever notice), or I’m seeing ...? I have always used cheap LED monitors for my desktop so I never figured myself a panel snob, but who knows.

Is this something I can avoid or inevitable? Do I have to go OLED or is it just refresh rate scaled up too big to ignore?
It's a "feature" called motionflow, adaptive motion or something similar and the naming varies by brand. It's easily turned off in settings, so nothing to hold you back from purchasing. That said, most LED TV's are edge-lit which means horrible contrast ratio and lots of back light bloom. I'd go for a FALD (full array local dimming) LED TV, or an OLED. You can check RTINGS.com for reviews.
i think u're talking about ''Soap opera effect'', on LG is called ''True Motion'' and u can easily disable it form settings. it's only good for watching sports, like F1 where speed is important.