what is the purpose of this "strategy" sub forum?


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Jun 15, 2005
I thought it was to secretly talk about team strategy.

But there are many posts in here that could be in the main DC forum.

My opinion is that many of these threads should be in the main DC forum. The lack of posts and lack of activity in the main DC forum makes it appear as if the team is dead.

The simple housekeeping threads in here could be over there.

If we look like we are alive we might get more activity and DC supporters. We have to give the appearance of a lively team to attract others to our team.

Your thoughts?
Most of the threads, yes. We can move them to the main DC forum. Our strategies for different challenges we need to leave them here. Though most of our talk is about the FB and there simply isn't any competition in that league. However, they should still stay here. Get the team used to discussing strategies in private so other teams wont know what we're doing. Such as having xx number of units we are bunkering and what not.

It has also kind of been the forum for debugging the new hard-dc.com web site.
Some of the Hard-DC.com discussions were still up in the air on how much of the utilities CV was working on was going to be public. However, I agree a lot of the threads need moved to the open. I like the idea of tactics and knowledge to be public. I just don't want our current strategies to be public when we are doing a challenge.
There are some great threads hiding in here.

The Threadripper thread, for example, would be better placed in the main DC sub-forum.

The more activity in the main area the better!

Please don't hide wonderful threads behind the "strategy" firewall!
Yeah, move it to the main forum. That was my fault.
We don't want other teams to get hardware insight! Lol
some insights we can also place in slack; though facing an "Alzheimer" there; subchannels can be opened there
Dang it you guys had me worried we had a security breach. Saw Viet OZ posting in the threadripper crew and thought he got into our secret area :D
/soapbox on

This website and this sub-forum used to be THE place on the internet to get advice on what to buy, how to OC the chips and memory, and how to get it running stable as fuck for folding 24/7. We attracted all sorts of great people to our team by having the best website and the best forum for folding advice.

Folders on other teams and even the official folding forum came here for advice, ideas, and to share their true thoughts and opinions. Other forums censored things that were critical of The Panda and his shenanigans. I registered at a few other web sites including the official folding forums. But [H] was the best! We had an active forum!

Please keep this in mind when posting behind the "strategy" wall.

/ off
Our front forum has been awfully slow. I tried to post a few messages at the start of the last sprint, just to have something out there and try and announce the sprint. I do think we need to absolutely only do strategy posts here. Topics like where we are going to target the next with a big push, maybe if we are doing something extra special during a sprint.

I'm hoping I can publish a handful of Threadripper numbers in the main forum once I get it up and going this week. How long each project takes, how does Numa impact it, impact of higher CAS timings. Things like that. Get a good worthwhile thread going.
Any strategery going on?

seems kinda slow in here.
Yeah... PrimeGrid series starts up in January, Formula-BOINC sprints start up in March, and the Pentathlon is in May. So, expect a large uptick coming March/April'ish.
I posted this 2 years ago:


The lack of posts and lack of activity in the main DC forum makes it appear as if the team is dead.

The simple housekeeping threads in here could be over there.

If we look like we are alive we might get more activity and DC supporters. We have to give the appearance of a lively team to attract others to our team.

The main forum is nearly dead. That wasn't enough so we created a secret hidden forum to appear completely dead.

We can't nominate more than one person per month for DCOTM.

There are no longer any shenanigans going on in the DC sub-forum.

We need some ideas on how to appear active and attract the [H] to our team activities.

What would attract someone to join our dead team?
I agree completely. I used to only use the forum but noticed everyone seemed to be in Slack, then Discord, then back to Slack. I would rather be just in the forum with very limited use of this private section. A lot of stuff I would like to go back to gets lost in Slack, never to be seen again.
Well, quite frankly the team continues to get smaller. We need more active DC'ers as a whole. When we recently had the FAH competition with our friends over at TAAT, I noticed that the FAH team was nearly non-existent at this point. What we need is more recruiting. We lost a few very large contributors last year for a couple reasons we don't need to keep beating the horse with, but we need to actively replace them with fresh blood. Skillz was doing a fine job getting them out of GenMay. I still don't have any access to it. However, now that the 980 Ti is folding at 60% power... it will get there soon enough for the team reward. Others on the team could be posting in there now though. There are still a ton of folks with excellent hardware not doing a lot out there.

In the past the DC'ers weren't too welcoming of crypto supporters. That has changed quite a bit the last couple years. Quite frankly those folks have a lot of hardware that could still be used while mining and could even get some mining rewards on the leftover processing power they aren't using. WCG currently has 3 crypto coins that use Proof of DC as a mechanism for earning. 2 of those 3 right now don't have team requirements. The third one should be dropping the requirement something this next year. Maybe if folks could start working on getting them involved...

I've had very little success in getting others into this hobby. I've had better luck convincing them to let me borg. This isn't real helpful to the forums. And now that [H] is pretty much done as a business, it will be hard to draw people to the site in general. This is something a lot of us saw coming and is probably part of the problem with getting new blood.
I personally am not surprised by the lack of posting as this forum in general seems to be dropping off. As for recruiting i agree that its going to be harder and harder as few new people coming in to this forum and most existing users have decided one way or another if they are interested in support. As for Genmay recruiting i seem to recall the last number of times that Skillz tried to post about something that a bunch of people got but hurt about it and they moved his posts back to the DC forums.
I also don't think any of the blame here belongs on slack or other messaging services. These just enable a more realtime type of conversation that is lacking in the forum style of things but most of us that are in slack are the ones who are doing any of the posting in the forums anyways. As for the HDCOTM its hard to nominate alot of months because once you get through the list of active members and start nominating outside of that the users nominated are unlikely to even post in the nomination thread. I don't really have any ideas on how to improve any of this yet, but i honestly feel tired by the whole prospect of recruiting from this forum.
I also don't think any of the blame here belongs on slack or other messaging services.

These just enable a more realtime type of conversation that is lacking in the forum style of things but most of us that are in slack are the ones who are doing any of the posting in the forums anyways.

I agree.

We just don't have much going on like we used to have. I would guess that [H] overall is slower with the changes at the top and the change in the direction of the business of [H]. But the slowing in the DC sub-forum started long before we saw any tangible changes in [H] or what Kyle was doing with [H].

I don't mean to sound like a dick.

I truly love [H] and the DC sub-forum.

I want us to grow and prosper.

I do what I can around here. I have not DC'ed for a long time. I have some personal issues in my life that are preventing me from having much leisure time.

My father died in September and my mother has raging dementia. My parents were living in California; my mother still lives there but I am in Idaho. They were stubborn... My father died the way he wanted to and he died without entering a nursing home. Mostly. Except for the last 4 weeks until his death. Dad was 92 when he died, and Mom is 94 and she might make it to 95 in about 65 days. Who knows.

I bought all the parts for a cool Ryzen system at Black Friday one year ago and I have not had the time to open the boxes and build the system. I travel to California at least once per month. I planned to be DC'ing for the past 12 months with my AMD Ryzen 2700X. Shit. I really need to put together the system and get to producing for the team.

I'm not sure why I am sharing this information late on a Saturday night. No one has ever asked me why I am the DC Moderator and I don't DC. I used to fold. I have 100+ million points with F@H.

Like I said... I love this place and the people and what we stand for. We have some great values. I have helped others and I have been the recipient of amazing generosity from the DC'ers at [H]. We have something worth fighting for.
I would certainly like to see new life spring up in the forums. However, I see several factors that are outside our control.

1. The death of H due to the changes made
2. DC is slowly dying as well since most researchers are moving to HPC's. They are the new old trend.
3. Crypto has brought people to DC but has also completely pulled people away from DC. It doesn't take long of a vacation to not bother returning.
4. Forums in general are the way of the old dogs. Most millennials don't bother posting but will chat in Discord or Slack until their fingers fall off. They cannot wait long enough for someone to check the forums. They need that instant reply. I like forums because it is a lot easier to post historical record and/or documentation. However, I have also found that even with posted documentation many of our experienced teammates won't bother searching for it. I saw Skillz reposting the same info over and over again in many areas because if you give someone a link, they act like it is too much effort to click it and read the same stuff. I have guides with every step and pictures yet if I post a link, that isn't good enough. People just need their personalized hand holding. That is too slow in forums...
5. Projects are not keeping up with the times. There are some projects that cannot use the latest GPU's or takes months or longer to get modern. Some never update their code so running their apps becomes a bigger and bigger waste of efficient resources with every new upgrade. This is not an incentive to run their work.
6. Most of the new projects springing up are ran by a hobbyist that doesn't have a clue on how to administer servers or deal with donors. There is a huge quality of projects problem arising. Some of these setups end up being ran off someones personal laptop... With so many of these projects doing crap science or repetitive science it becomes overwhelming.
7. Challenges are becoming too much like work. The best challenges have evolved to the point of cut throat tactics. Many projects cannot even handle the amount of resources tossed at them. People stop DC'ing because of these things. This past year we lost two to another team and at least one if not two to the hostilities that come from some of it. We cannot control those tactics nor the hostilities coming from anyone but ourselves.
8. Cost - When we have single GPU's costing over $1,000 now and you can load up 8+ in a single rig, that makes things way too expensive to be fun for the average Joe. I realize back in the BigAdv days some people were dropping large sums, but there were a lot of team members getting a huge discount due to work resources being handed out to them from other members to cut those costs significantly. Others just used their companies resources rather than foot the bill themselves. Most companies have caught on to that these days because of crypto and better auditing. One of the biggest complaints I have heard from multiple smaller teams and even a few bigger teams is that they don't like how the little guy cannot really compete. The competition is lost to those with deep pockets or company resources. So, what appeals to everyone long term if you strip the competitive portion out? Some have personal reasons to stick around but most do not.
I *may* be guilty of #4, lol. Well, specifically the too lazy to search. However I do use the all inclusive list now and then! :D