What is everybody playing right now?


single player right now unfortunelty. Too much lag on my dialup...but I'm getting dsl in a little over a month so the game should get more fun...
My most recent acquisitions are Metal Slug 3 and Rallisport 2 for the XBox. I also was playing KOTOR for a while, but haven't picked it up since I manageg to get wiped out by a stupid guard droid without saving after getting through a particularly annoying part.

I've also been spending a bit of time on XBox Live (Gamertag is Vexorg for those interested) but have subsequently found that my Wireless access point is considered incompatible, which would probably explain the frequent disconnects...
I am playing Pandora Tomorrow multiplayer, Rise of Nations Thrones and Patriots, and UT2k4 with the new community packs.
I lead a Battlefield Vietnam clan.. that consumes most my time.
3/2 on 8v8 Ladder
2/0 on 12v12 Ladder
0/0 on 10v10 Ladder

3 practices a week, 2 matches/scrims usually a week.. plus map strategies, recruitment, etc..

I play that mainly. I recently quit City of Heroes and also went back to Star Wars Galaxies (!)

Ive been playing Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds as well as WarCraft III on and off as well.
Playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 for the last three weeks. Its calmed me down from my previous shooters.
Comte said:
Playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 for the last three weeks. Its calmed me down from my previous shooters.
hehe yeah my friend has that game...its surprisingly good and makes golf fun ;)
Thief Deadly Shadows(PC)
Metal Slug 3(Xbox)
URU(I am addicted)

My keychain Tetris whenever I have a moment when I am out and about.
Farcry for singleplayer almost done I think

MP : C&C Generals Zero Hour, CS, Enemy Territory, Americas Army
Right now im working on:

Going to get BFVietnam and get that going.

I finished Far Cry a few weeks ago and loved it. Such a good game!
blindrocket said:
I kinda gave up on FarCry myself... it started to get a little lame with all of the genetic monkey killing. I dunno, maybe I'll pick it back up. I think I'm fairly close to the end (2/3 or 3/4 of the way through).

But right now I've been having a blast playing CALL OF DUTY... both single player and multiplayer.
I'm getting prepared for Brothers in Arms that releases in October...

Funny, I am just the opposite, I got Call of Duty after being blown away by the demo and just couldn't get into it. It's setting on my drive waiting for the right mood. On the other hand, all the genetic monkey killing rocked...that and the eye candy.
PC: Battlefield Vietnam /1942 + mods
Far Cry
Unreal Tournament 2k3/2k4
Call of Duty
Starcraft/Bw (Always a must, by far one of the greatest games of all time)

Xbox: Chronicles of Riddick
Halo (Beaten it countless times but the replay value is amazing)
Unreal championship (Xb live)
For now, it's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Command & Conquer Generals.
I am currently playing Full Spectrum Warrior on my Xbox in 5.1 sound.

This is easily my favorite current game. It has taken over the #1 spot from my beloved UT2K4.
Hitting Painkiller pretty hard, with some sides of UT2K4, FarCry, Warcraft TFT, and of course when Im really bored there is always Tetrinet to return to :rolleyes:
Priston tale takes up most of the lil spare time i got, other than that hitman contracts.

by the way any one tried out escape from butcher bay for xbox?
is it any good? i heard it got really god reviews.

i cant wait for SC3.
counter-stike..... and some more cs on the side. Followed by cs, then some vice city to top it off :D
B4 I always play BF 1942 multi demo ... will be buying BF Vietnam
HALO done
Far Cry - middle still playing at night when it's cold enough in here(Not too fun tho)
NFSU - Not playing it ryt now(too hot I mean my CPU) will be playin again once I figure out where to put/cut the sidepanel where the hoses will go in.

And I wish that Gran Turismo will be available for PC sometime soon. I can buy PS2 but I like PC games more now.

And Yeh b4 I play CS in computer cafes in the Phils till midnight. My family usually locks me up outside so I go thru the basement to get in the house. I prolly spent 2000 phil peso for 25peso an hr rate just for CS and 1% Diablo.
I have been playing Full Spectrum Warrior for the last few days. Cool game.
Retardo said:
WC3 Frozen Throne and CS....WC3 ownssssssss...thats probly the only game i still and like to play even tho i get owned 90% of the time...haahhaha...

Same here, those are the only two games that i have been playing.

Wc3 is so great.
im not playing anything except boring ass quake3 because any game thats good hasnt been released yet, d3,hl2,wow,etc
FFX heh, catching up on my RPG's...for the love of god could there BE anyone cut scenes?
Jedi Academy!!! muahaha its so fun slicing and dicing with a saber. storyline is ok but it could use some improvement. other then that my friends always drag me to play mario kart DD with them. i swear, they are hooked sick. also for some reason i found myself hoooked on magic the gathering again. i swore i would never buy cards again but here i am buying 3 boxes of cards in under a month.
Well, for me it would be mostly Xbox games.

RS3, SC : PT, ESPN NFL 2k4, Links 2004

I do have UT2k4, but haven't gotten into it as much as I should. For some reason it is much more fun to play with friends. I haven't got many friends that play ut2k4. I have a few, but we all like different areas of the game. CTF -- sorry before hand -- isn't my thing. Neither is DM.

TDM, Onslaught or Assault for me thanks. That and when I got it I was really busy with school.
Nothing. I just finished No One Lives Forever 1 and 2. Fun games.

I just need another good single player game to pass my time, especially with the onset of summer vacation.
Star Wars Galaxies, love it, been playing it since launch. This game consumes 80% of gaming time. When I am not playing that, I am usually playing BF1942 DC Mod, KOTOR, or Jedi Knight Academy. Looking forward to SW Battlefront coming out. (Yes, I am a Star Wars freak lol)