What high end 10th gen intel gaming laptop would you go with?


May 29, 2013
I know there’s not a ton of options yet and they’re all pricey but I’m thinking I can justify an upgrade from my 6700hq & 1070 rig. I’m wanting something with a 2080 super and either 10750H or 10980HK. The ones I’m looking at are all max q variants, don’t know if there are any options atm that aren’t, but I’m actually thinking a bit about going with something that’s more portable anyway. I’m leaning towards just sticking with the 10750H as I feel like it’ll just save money (~$300) and hopefully have little to no effect on gaming performance.

Mostly I’ve looked at the Razer Blade Pro 17 and the MSI GE75 and GS75. Was also looking at offerings from Gigabyte Aero and Aorus. I definitely have to stick with 17”, thinking that 1080p300Hz still makes more sense than 4k120 but that's pretty tempting as well. The Aorus has a mechanical keyboard which would be a welcome addition but it's a pricier option and pretty bulky.

Any of you been looking at models like this and know some pros and cons?
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