What games is everyone playing now?

Lately (last couple months) I've been playing pretty much nothing but CS:S

I might reinstall UT04 if i can find my play disc as well as DoW (and every expansion :D )
Just got done building my 3dfx computer to play the old games on 98 so I am re-visiting Dungeon Keeper 2. My main machine I have been re-playing NWN alot. I found my CD keys for my gold edition a couple weeks ago and decided to start it up.
FEAR Extraction Point, almost done, should be completed tonight or tomorrow night.
World of Warcraft, got my toon to level 65!

I still need to complete Oblivion and it's second expansion, finish the first one, Knights of the Nine.

Planning to start Civilization IV next with it's second expansion.
Still playing DOD 1.3. My computer is too laggy for source. I tried Insurgency, but once again too laggy.
Need for Speed Underground 2.

I do play the occasional game of UT and UT2k4 as well.
I finally got around to finishing Jade Empire. I was playing as a good guy, so now i'm gonna play as a complete jackhole. :p

I also just started playing Resident Evil 4 on the Gamecube. I'm a little behind. It's definitely not what i'm used to in a shooter, gotta get used to the controls and overall gameplay.
I've been playing:

Unreal Tournament 2004
Spider-Man 3

I want to try Far Cry again, but for some reason, that games is cursed. No matter how many times I try, I have some kind of technical difficulty. UT2K4, I've been playing forever. It's fun when you have good aim so a lot of skill and strategy are involved.
FlatOut2, I just love racing and crashing into cars as part of the strategy. :) Kaboom
And Spidey 3. Yes the movie was disappointing. But swinging around the city and messing around is mindless fun. :)
I also beat Lost Planet which was awesome. Graphics were amazing on the 8800GTS. Too bad it was only 6 hours like Prey.

Side note. We really need new games to come out. They keep teasing us with previews left and right. Well give me the game damnit! Ok, take your time, get the bugs out, but c'mon...get'r done! :-P
Supreme Commander
Oblivion (original, I am slow)
Dawn of War: Dark Crusade (again)
Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (came with my second XFX 8800GTS 640MB, which showed up a few days ago)
Just picked up Medieval II.

It's quite complex and will take a little work to get into. But so far I'm loving it and I see the potential for some mindblowing medieval combat. I also really like the campaign part of the game.... reminds me a lot of the beloved Civilization.
Tomb Raider - Anniversary. Very addictive gameplay, pure gaming fun.
Colin Mcrae DiRT + my steering wheel arrives tomorrow, yay for saturday delivery :D
I am just starting to get very bored now, but lately:

APF 2k8 (only when friends are over)
Stalker (kinda blew through it and didn't take my time to enjoy it)
Graw2 a few weeks ago
Gothic 3 (installed today but I don't know if I can stick with it, played about half of it about 6 months ago)
i picked up need for speed most wanted for $8 no tax (yay air force base perks!)
damn game is really repetitive(sp?) (i wish you could import your own music, i did read about ripping the music out of the game, but i don't care much for that)

also picked up farcry for like $8 as well at circuit city (didn't come in a box, just a 5 cd jewel case), like NFS:MW, fun at the start, but then it gets boring as the game goes on

i think i have ADD or something, i've only been going through my games half way, then quit recently (didn't finish HL2 or GTA SA or stalker)
i only play CS 1.6 as of now.

Need to make more time for my gamage :p

C&C3 looks awesome. I think i might get back into RTS.

The last ive played from C&C was back int he good ol days of RED ALERT LOL!!

is C&C3 multiplayer?
I've just been playing wow for the last month or so.. was done with it for 6ish months but eh.. I'm kinda having fun. Got bored with LOTR:O, EQ2.

Ohh.. also got into the Mythos beta.. thats neat.. playing that a little
currently i am playing call of duty 2
finished the GDI part of c&c3 but not feeling like playing the nod part :p
also playing Jade Empire.
EVE Online still owns my life!

RV6 Vegas Multiplayer

Been watching a lot of Anime for the past while though, kinda a break from gaming.
Titan Quest. Pleasantly surprised. Graphics are amazing (everything maxed on my 8800gtx). Game is very polished. Gameplay is very solid and addictive. Definitely worth the $20
PC versions of......

Lost Planet
Resident Evil 4
Halo 2
Driver: Parallel Lines
Commandos: Strike Force
Oblivion (just never seems to get old...)
Tomb Raider: Anniversary
Halo 2 PC

Eagerly waiting for Bioshock!
played lego star wars 2 for gamecube yesterday and it was fun, aquiring it for the pc now.

Dirt + MOMO wheel
NFS:Carbon + MOMO wheel
Dawn Of War Dark Crusade, can't seem to put it down, played it through with the Space Marines, thought I'd finished but I ended up playing it again with the Necrons and Imperial Guard, now I'm running through a fourth time with the Tau. :rolleyes:

I have the STALKER disk in the other DVD drive, keep meaning to get back to it (on 'level 2') but what with the buggy aimbot AI, clunky interface and bad grammar it's not had the same draw on me that it has on many others. :(

I finaly got round to finishing Doom³ recently (got a lot of catching up to do since quitting WoW after 18 months :p ) so now when im not in DOW: DC i'm playing bits of the D3 expansion :)
EQ2 has me hooked right now. Been playing two months and really enjoy the questing and exploring. Been meaning to fire up CoHeroes again and waiting on BioShock to come out.
It's been getting ripped in the reviews but I have been really enjoying Shadowrun lately.
Shadow of the Colosus for PS2
Final Fantasy VII on my PSP
Just picked up Company of Heroes for PC and I am hooked.
GRAW 2 came with my upgraded processor so it's my latest...I'm a huge fan of the origional Tom Clancy Series (i.e. Ghost Recon) and also the Rainbow Six series. I'm very impressed on how much better GRAW 2 is over GRAW. Single player mode is very challenging. Online play is decent too. Awesome graphics and audio.
built a new rig last month to play new games...and yet i spend most of my time playing BF2. damn you BF2 and your addictive gameplay.

occasionally i also play the Crysis beta and MOH:A.
just got BF2 for 5 bucks in a pre-order thing been playing that.

Also have about 10 JRPG for the ps2 lined up.

and a little titans quest on the side.

and flash Tower defense games.