What GAME series do you wish they bring back?

soldier of fortune

This was the first thing that came to mind. Imagine it looking like Battlefield but with an insane player damage model where things like shooting someone in the leg actually slows them down.
A well done Tenchu game on PS4 would be cool if it was based on the original Stealth Assassins environment and not some modern location. I can still see those cherry tree blossoms in Stealth Assassins. And the gore! It had to be the bloodiest game on Playstation. The game was very Japanese and the English voice overs were comical, but it was a great sword combat game with well integrated stealth action.

Which brings me to Onimusha, a game that I loved until it was moved into modern Paris ( WTF was that about? ). I enjoyed Tenchu and Onimusha largely because they took place in medieval Japan.

Which brings me to Bushido Blade. I played this game but it never caught on with me like the others, but a sequel on PS4 would catch my attention.

This was my favorite strategy game. The first two were AMAZING games and had a very active online community, especially around 98-2000'ish.

Sadly bungie abandoned the IP, it went to Take2 who turned it over to another studio for a third game, which was "ok" (but not as good as Myth II) and after that......nothing, it's been lying dormant for almost 15 years now and seems to have been forgotten.

I'd love to see bungie, or at least people who worked on Myth II, make a new one for pc.

Brothers in Arms. The game that gearbox seems to have forgotten. Before Borderlands this was their main "series" of games. This series was about as "close" to a "brothers in arms" style of WWII game out there. It followed one group of guys through all three games (wellt he three main games) in one continuous story, that last game left on a huge cliffhanger and they literally had ONE more theater left (Battle of the Bulge) to end out the story and give closure to the fans who had been following this story throughout the games run. Then they made Borderlands and it sold well. So now they seem to have just abandoned it, leaving all of the fans of the BIA games in the dust, clinging to hope for one final game to finish off the story.

They said it'd come back, that was years ago through and haven't heard anything about it since then.
I would love a remake of SOCOM NAVY SEALS 2 with updated graphics. That was the best team based tactial shooter I've ever played. Loved getting on their with a group of friends all with mics. Things went downhill once they introduced gigantic maps with vehicles
As an addendum, a proper "sequel" to Ghost Recon would be awesome. None of this Advanced Warfighter crap, I want a good military tactical shooter with fantastic multiplayer and coop, and a lot of spit and polish.
Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Playing on the PS1 was great. But I was blown away when I played it on the DC. Graphics were amazing and I remember how smooth the gameplay was on DC. An online open world Tony Hawk game would be great fun.
Come on Disney: (well i hope they got the Lucas Arts stuff anyway)

But a beast space game to rock the hardware like tie or Xwing, or even Rebel Assault
or crap even pull a Blizzard, and make it like Xwing, then A, B, Y wing patches, a Tie Game or whatever :)