What GAME series do you wish they bring back?


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Feb 3, 2004
Everyone has a game that they loved. I'm talking absolute top ten in their list of best games you've ever played.

But it is no longer in production or is finished off with a second or third chapter.

I'm pretty sure we all have a few we want to see back in action.

Here are a few of mine that I wish will keep going and or come back to a remake.

Syphon Filter - Probably my favorite shooter series on the original PlayStation. Gabriel Logan was the most bad ass agent of his time. I felt that the game took shooters to a new level with its simplistic yet effective third person aim mode. Not to mention the cool missions, awesome effects and pretty decent and original story line. I've heard of another Syphon Filter in the works. But I really hope they shell a good amount of money into it to make new gen gaming community respect what it was and hopefully continues to be. A great game series.

Need for Speed Underground- Now as I know the Need for Speed series is as current as anything else. But its been lacking "in my opnion" the fun gameplay Underground 1 and 2 had available. Possibly the best driving physics of its time, awesome customizations, fun fun coop modes.

Doom- I liked Doom 3, but it could of been better. I jumped a few times for sure, but they focused on its awesome graphics for its time then anything else.(my opinion) Doom 4 , looking forward to it;)

Half-Life 3 -It's time we see a new one.

Enough said. Half-life 1 and 2 was the pinnacle of my young aged years. Half life was the reason I became a PC gamer.
Along with Half Life 3 a new counterstrike would be awesome!

These are just a few i would like brought back.

What about you guys?
Both Ultima and Dark Age of Camelot but
Shroud fo the Avatar and Camelot Unchained are on their way =)
frikken MechWarrior the right way stupid people need to stop suing everyone and make a game.
Perfect Dark. The campaign has always been unique to me and I love it.
Chrono. If they released a fourth Chrono game I would buy whatever system it was on unless Square murdered it like they did the Final Fantasy series.
M.U.L.E. with 4 joysticks

still to this day have not had more fun
I have no idea what mule or nolf are. I enjoyed AUJRTTT on my snes, did you play that one?
Steel Panthers
Star Trek: Starfleet Command
Baldurs Gate
Vampire Masquerade
Master of Orion
Master of Magic
Dungeon Keeper
Freedom Force
Stalker, Vampire the Masquerade, SWAT and of course half life.
I have no idea what mule or nolf are. I enjoyed AUJRTTT on my snes, did you play that one?

You wouldnt be any the wiser if I said "No One Lives Forever" if you havent heard of NOLF.
Thats why Google is such a success.
Its not my fault you lack teh skillz :p
Stalker, Vampire the Masquerade, SWAT and of course half life.

I for some reason skipped Stalker.

But what made me jump in excitement, was your Vampire Masquerade . That game was a lot of fun. That would be so awesome to bring that back.

As well.
Swat. Lol
I remember being too broke to buy the game, but literally hundreds would play the multiplayer demo for days on, twas an epic demo too!
S.T.A.L.K.E.R,although I doubt it will happen unless that greedy idiot at GSC sells the rights to another company. Another NOLF game would be great,as long as they keep the campy atmosphere from the old British series like The Avengers.
For series entirely dead:

Jane's flight simulations
Half Life
STALKER with better production values

Series that are still around, but have changed into something not so good:

Ace Combat
Rainbow 6
Ghost Recon

Probably some others, but those are off the top of my head.
A proper Gabriel Knight sequel, not the recent "nostalgia = profit" version of Sins of the Fathers.
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and it's sequel. I really liked the oldschool hack n slash style of play with the static camera. For some reason it kinda reminds me of the old Golden Axe games but it's really more like Forgotten Realms: DemonStone which I really liked as well.
Perfect Dark. The campaign has always been unique to me and I love it.


You are right, that game has the same story as Halo, but pre-dates it by a few years.

Unreal Tournament, but that's being kind-of taken care of.

I would LOVE to see a current-gen look at Fighting Force. Or maybe Age of Empires 4.
Delta Force

I don't know what the hell happened to Novalogic, they seemed to release a game then drop a couple of early patches then totally forget/not give a shit about that game and move to the next one but god damn those games were some of the best, Delta Force 1, 2, Land Warrior, Black Hawk Down all great...little problem with cheaters and armchair police detectives accusing random people who would regularly stomp them but you learned to live with it

I played those games solid from late 98 till maybe 2007 or so, not sure exactly when they started to deteriorate but it sucked when it happened
I wish

Stat Trek Elite Force
Test Drive Unlimited
Honestly I've been giving it a lot of thought and the series I most want but will never see is Prototype mostly because despite being on the short of games yahtzee loved its seen as a massive failure. I loved it. Never played the sequel I'm told it was just an overpriced pointless expansion pack.
Anyone think a remake of Star Wars Galaxies could do any good?

I loved the original , it was such a blast showing up to different landmarks from the movies (Jabbas Palace, the pits, C3PO, Luke's aunt and Uncles house, the Bar where Grido and Han had a showdown ,etc)

Also a new Jedi Knight outcast would be sweet.