what do you guys do with all your monitors?


Jul 28, 2000
beyond the obvious of gaming, pr0n?

looks awesome to have multi display set ups, but what do you guys use it for?
I only have two monitors. If I'm only using a single browser or app, it's typically on the primary, so the second isn't used. But I often have numerous browsers, apps, etc. open, and having multiple monitors means that I don't have to only use one at a time. I can simply open up multiple items and spread them across both screens. This is very likely how everyone uses more than one monitor. It's nice to simply look on another screen at an open app as opposed to clicking the Task Bar or alt-tabing between windows.
yea these monitors are just so cheap now, fk it, just buy another!
I'm a photographer, and I have 2 30" 2560x1600 HP monitors. One is in landscape/horizontal mode, one is in portrait/vertical mode. I use these modes for editing images, with the image on whatever monitor matches its orientation.
At work I have 3 monitors and need them all since I am a tech marketing writer. The app will be in one monitor, Google docs will be in another monitor, and a web browser will be in another. I don't believe in crowding one monitor with multiple apps/windows.
Running 5 monitors atm. 1 has synology surveillance station plus my music app and a calculator, the main one for browsing, 1 for excel, 1 for youtube and the 5th for my desktop icons plus whenever I open a windows folder.
Depends... Two of mine are running 24/7 as paperweights. That may seem wasteful, but in fact paperweight mode is very power efficient.
I have 7 monitors on my home workstation, 4x 22" 1080p and 3x 30" 1600p.

I used to do QC for websites so having 4 identical monitors was useful for checking IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari all at the same time and still have plenty of space to edit.

I have another 4 monitors hooked up to my work laptop on the same desk. This is for when I work from home (as I also use 4 monitors at my office). I did this so when I have a quiet moment I can slide over and do personal stuff on my home computer.
I have 8 and mainly use them all when I'm programming. 2 or more usually have Visual Studio. One will have command terminals and the task manager, another I'll have music from youtube or some other website, another will be filled with various chat windows, one will be open folders and files I'm working on, then a couple will have the web page or result of whatever I'm coding on it, and there is usually one with a google search or something.

The way more monitors helps is it makes context switching much faster because you don't have to minimize anything. You can just glance over at the other screen without even moving your mouse so you don't lose your spot and forget what you were doing.
If they are good monitors and hard to replace, I keep em. Since I only buy good displays to start with ( most of the time ) I do not buy a lot of monitors.
work from home doing tech support and having to connect to multiple client machines at once. Currently have 4 monitors going now of which 3 are 4k and want another two or three. Can almost never have enough screen re-estate
3 monitor setup
gaming om my mina monitor and have skype/discord on the other 2

alternatively when i playede MMo rpg i would have me min char on main screen and my multi boxes account on the other screens ( 4 accounts)

Sometiems i use it to have a website or pdf document open on aside monintor with instruction on what im doing on the main monitor

when i play on roll20.net i ussualy have my pdf books and tools runing on the side mointor and usein the main monitor for just roll20.net
NEC 2090UXi for web pages. 4:3 and sRGB is superior for this purpose imho, fonts look very good on it, CCFL is good on eyes.
HP DreamColor for watching multimedia when I do not use CRT and when I do it is hard to go back to LCD, even if it is pretty much best LCD color-wise and contrast-wise in existence (do not even get me started on how crappy VA monitors are...)
CRT, currently Dell P1110 for games and multimedia. It have OLED like blacks, so to hell with fact that is is like 19.5" 4:3 LCD
Rest monitors (FW900 and second DreamColor) are at home waiting for better times.
Sun GDM-5410: Primary monitor, particularly for gaming; it's a FD Trinitron G1 chassis monitor just like the aforementioned Dell P1110. Too bad my GDM-FW900's been dead for a few years, or I'd still be using it instead just for the convenience of widescreen in this day and age, without giving up the usual CRT advantages or plunking down hundreds for a 1440p, 144-165 Hz, AHVA G-SYNC panel that hopefully doesn't leave me feeling the sting of bad QC afterward.

Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid: The fact that it's a Cintiq speaks for itself, and since it also works with my fingers when I want it to, it makes a great Helios touchscreen control panel for flight sims like Falcon BMS that I can't play in VR yet. If I'm not using it as a digital canvas or virtual cockpit, then it's the IRC/Discord or second Web browser monitor.
I get strange looks when anybody comes over the house. That's until they use my computer, then they like it.
I have 3 Dell E2715H 27" displays, the center one is used for gaming (unless I'm gaming in 2D surround, in which all three are used for gaming).
When not gaming I usually have a browser window open on the center display, email or a PDF open on the right display and misc. stuff open on the left display (notepad, calculator).

I also have some overclocking/monitoring programs that I can view on the left or right displays while a benchmark is running on the center display. The same goes with the programs I have for Skyrim mods.

I could never go back to a single display. I have DisplayFusion Pro and have different wallpapers for each display.
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