What do you expect out of next generation's consoles?

We do have both that's why I don't see why people are still getting butt hurt about graphics. You could release the graphically best game ever and people would still complain about the graphics or blame it on the code.
This shit for real? Forum seems to be going down the drain lately...
I don't care about graphics. Just fun games. Super Meat Boy is one of my favs and I bought on PC and Xbox. I expect the next consoles to have something "different" like Wii U has with the controller or a better version of Kinect. I think there is a lot of potential there if they get it more accurate. Increased graphic resolutions/detail is nice, but *shrug* it doesn't make a game.
I would like to see less occurrences of blatantly forced co-op that is in your face even when playing single player. less inclusion of things that force you the player, to go outside of the game.

If less games were built from boardroom bullet point slides, we'd be a lot better off.

does it have co-op

does it have context kills

does it have 27 different numbers on screen at once

does it reward the player for everything

Is it easy as hell

does it have 3 websites tied to advancing rank/score/status/achievements

does it have a skill tree that feign specialization but really just lets the player do everything because how horrible if you couldn't do it all at once.