What can I do with a Google Chromecast?


Supreme [H]ardness
Aug 10, 2000
I bought a Google Chromecast 3 so I can cast video from my Oculus Quest 2 to my TV. But when I bought it I didn't do any research on it and I thought it was more like a Roku with apps and stuff to watch on the TV. I am just wondering what else I can do with the Chromecast?

aka, not much, its a casting device.
I’m not sure why you bought the 3. You should’ve bought the 4K with the remote and full-fledged Google TV interface (and again a remote) which seems to eternally be on sale for 40 dollars and costs barely more than the 3.
Yeah, you can just cast with them. I find them useful for secondary TVs (I use one for the TV in my kitchen, for example) but for a main watching device they aren't really that useful.

They gain more use if you have something like a Google Home so that you can just talk at it and have things show up on the TV as well.