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Limp Gawd
Jan 3, 2003
cheapest solution = buy another 10/100 hub (4 ports)

unless you want it all in 1 device, there's no performance difference. You don't need to make them a bridge either, that's completely higher up than what your doing. All you need is an uplink port (which is shared with port 1) or a crossover cable. Switches don't need addresses, they forward all data regardless of what protocol you use, the only address system they use are MACs which belong to every networking device anyhow.

You can put 2 subnets on the same physical network, you can make 500 if you want to, no real point to it, but you can, and they won't communicate without a routing device.

I'm still waiting in the MIR from those newegg gigafast's. So unless you don't mind waiting for your money (or for the rebate center to finally crap out the cash *if they do*) then I guess it's an ok deal.