what are your favorite older pc games?


Mar 25, 2004
im buying a laptop, and it can run some games but not highly 3d ones. for example it will run civ3 and starcraft, but probably not mafia or age of mythology. what games do you guys like that have been around for a while? pc games only please lol

Civ 1 rules. Or just load up a emulator, then play some ps1, nes, snes, neogeo, mame roms. Games are unlimited....
Ultima VII+expansion, Crusader no Remorse/Regret, Wing Commander 7, Rise of the Triad
Grim Fandango
Tombraider 1
Myst & Riven --> doesn't need a fast pc and there great time killers

Nothing beats mobile emulation if your laptop is up to the task (zsnes, mame).
Deus Ex
Diablo II + LOD exp
Sim City 2000
Half Life
Quake III
Star Trek Armada

I really need to play some of these again.

Qbert and Dig-Duck
obviously not frogger
Master of Orion
Warcraft (Classic)
Might and Magic (Standard and "heros" version)
Day of the Tentacle
Phantasmagoria II
Wing Commander: Privateer is one of my favorites, lots of other good ones already listed.

I have trouble with a lot of the old DOS games however, most of the time it because I cant get the sound to work. Other times I get RAM errors and whatnot. :(
Civilization 2.....that was back when i had countless hours to spend on computer games.... thae game rocked thouhg. Course I played it on a Mac, but still...good stuff.
Why the hell does Total Annihilation never get mentioned? This is the best game of all time by far.
An older game I really enjoyed was Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri. It was far ahead of it's time in a lot of ways. But it did not support 3D cards which were just starting to catch on (voodoo 1 etc), and it did not support multiplayer (it was supposed to be added after release, but never happened).

I've still not played a game that made me feel like I was in a powerful high tech battlesuit commanding a squad of other similiar troops the way that one did.
Civilization 2 - the king
Simcity 2000 - this game started my whole addiction to God-type games
Simcity 3000
System Shock 2
Scorched Earth (free)
Master of Magic (!!!) - however, I've been having a pain in the ass time of getting this to work, as it runs in DOS. DOS Box can run it, but it's freaking slow and I get no sound. :(
Games that didn't punish me with failed attempts to stop software piracy?
Eihli said:
Why the hell does Total Annihilation never get mentioned? This is the best game of all time by far.
I was going to say this same thing if no one else had.

TA is better than any RTS prior to C&C Generals.
(Generals still could learn a few things as far as micro management and stacking or queing unit orders)
Grim Fandango
The Longest Journey: Adventure

There the reasons I became addicted to PC games.
kingpin is hell lol. also, im definately a TA fan too :)

thanks a lot guys, any more? only thing is, preferably not more DOS games because i cant get most of them to run in WinXP and the laptop will have win2k on it so im looking for stuff that will run on that
darktiger said:
just load up a emulator, then play some ps1, nes, snes, neogeo, mame roms. Games are unlimited....

Also, Planescape Torment is a completely kick ass game, if you're into D&D style RPGs. The story, gameplay, and innovation are just unmatched by modern games.
People are sayin Q3, i didn't know it was 'old' quite yet heh.My favs would be:

Little Big Adventure
Twinsens Oddysey
Total Annihilation
Ultima 8
Cannon Fodder (if you havent played yet, d/l it and give it a go)
Megarace (Lance Boyle!!!)
and last, good old C&C Tiberium Dawn
Any of the Lucasarts adventures (I had Monkey Island 1 on 8 5 1/4 disks on my old EGA 8086) including Monkey Island, Sam and Max, DOTT, Indy, The Dig, Full Throttle, Loom. The days when you could pick up a Lucasarts game and know it didn't suck.

Also Bioforge, nothing like beating people with their own severed limbs.

Also Syndicate, running around gauss gunning crowds of people, or using the persuadatron to get a massive crowd to go and get run over by trains or mow down even more people. Damn that was fun.

Beneath a Steel Sky was pretty cool.

Another World, very slick.

Doom obviously and Descent (multiplayer was fun, the days of serial cables and Kali)

Wolfenstein was also cool (MEIN LEBEN) and of course Duke.

damn, so many cool ideas.....System Shock!

Oh and someone needs to redo Syndicate. Thats carnage on a massive scale, makes GTA like look Barbie has a picnic.
The following games are extremely old skool and may result in excessive use of early 90's terminology like “Tubular”, “Fresh”, and “Dope”. Use of these games has been known to cause mullet growth and barbed wire tattoos. Anyone seeking to play these games should do so at their own risk.

My favorite old PC games:
-Dune 2
-Duke Nukem
-Sim City
-MS Flight Simulator 95
-System Shock 1
-Star Wars Dark Forces
Eihli said:
Why the hell does Total Annihilation never get mentioned? This is the best game of all time by far.

Best game of alltime for mp or sp? I tried playing through the campaign and never even beat the first level, was bored I guess. Is it worth it to beat the sp?
ok, lets get really old school,

infocom games (zork, hitchhikers etc)

or also what was cool was the neuromancer game.

I even remember playing wizzball, but that was only in CGA, so that kinda sucked, but it was cool cause its theme tune was digitized, which sounds pretty funky coming out of the pc speaker.

I also had a port of defender, and falcon 3 I think....

oh and I remember comanche, the first one, that was great on my old 486 DX50. Good ole Tseng Labs ET4000, ah the good ole days.