What are you nerds playing this weekend?

I just got a AMD processor so I guess I will check out The Division 2. But Apex Legends takes up all my game time right now.
I've put 500 hours into this basic tower defense game called Defense Grid 2 over the years. I can play it without thinking. I figured it was time to find a new tower defense game so I searched steam and they suggested some game called Dungeon Defenders. It was on sale for four dollars so I bought it.

Discovered it's local multiplayer. Now my wife's been playing it non stop and I've been playing it with her. Great game for $4! My kids from marriage number one will be over tonight. I'm sure they are going to love it.
Couple friends convinced me to install War Thunder on Steam and play some Tank battles.

Fun game but so far they are kicking my ass.

I think I'm finally near the end of God of War so I'll finish that. I've also been playing RimWorld.
Fired up Far Cry: New Dawn last night, ran pretty good till I hit the compound and started my first mission. The game freezes up every 2min for about 5sec than plays fine for around 10min than repeats. I think I'm VRAM stuttering, need to lower some settings it seems, or turn off the HD textures. Far Cry 5 ran great on the same system.
Oblivion, Morrowind, Fallout 3.

Also Skyrim because I gotta work on them numbers. :D

Anthem or Infinite Warfare. I don't know why COD-IW got such a bad rap, I like it. I love the space fighter missions. And it was $12!
Bloodstained curse of the moon. Def a cool lil retro game! I wish they would have made the main game more like this instead of ritual of the night...in the future itd be awesome to see a full game with sotn like graphics with multiple characters and big bosses.
I need something new, getting a bit tired of multiplayer games like Overwatch. Maybe I'll replay some Borderlands, the announcement got me all excited
The Division 2, if I don't rage quit first. It's getting harder as I advance through the world tiers and joining a squad doesn't help much either.
I've been enjoying Destiny 2 since Thanksgiving. I literally tried it when they made the base game free. Now I've bought the expansions and all that. Its one of the best games I've played in years. I may pick up the Division 2 one of these days. We'll see.
Tried to play Just Cause 4. No matter what, constant crashing. Hoping for a refund on that. Back to Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. Game is probably the most sterile, boring experiences in video game history for myself. Spawn, kill 100s of the same enemies over and over, grab their cash, wait the game makes them 2-3 levels higher than you while still in the tutorial mode. I just got a pop up telling me how to open my inventory after I killed a boss 2-3 levels higher than me. Terrible pacing. Shame on you Gearbox.

Okay finished this boss. Now drive around this blank map for 15 minutes because you put a fucking mountain in the way to artificially lengthen the game. Whoops, looks like that new car thing they gave you can't jump over the broken bridge which you thought you could do based on the positioning. Maybe a quick save system would have been nice so we don't loose all that cash and have to respawn in some entirely different place and drive another 10-15 minutes back to where ever the hell the broken bridge was. Now that would be too smart, and its 2015 and we haven't figured out quick saves yet. Fuck the customer, lets waste more of their time killing 30 more of the same enemies and driving back for another 10-15 minutes.

Sometimes the video game industry amazes me how far it has fallen. At least there are good games like Metro Exodus but they seem few and far between.

Sounds like some decent games may be coming later this year though... tired of these pointless 25 hour + games that have you driving/running around for more time than actually playing anything. The Pre-Sequel should be 8-9 hours at most given what I've played so far. Maybe 1 1/2 hours of gameplay, 1 hour of pressing E, and another 1 1/2 hours of going from point A to B.

Rant off.
Finally got the hang of AC4. I'll be playing that this weekend. And of course lots of EVE Online :p

I just finished up Tomb Raider for the 3rd time last night. So great with 3D Vision.

Another of the few that know and sing the praises of 3D Vision. The 2013 Reboot of TR is absolutely another game in 3D Vision; along with many other well supported titles. Have you tried Kingdoms of Amalur yet?
Picked up Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons yesterday, beat this morning. I wept like a baby. PLAY IT.

$7 if you buy direct from their site, everywhere else it seems to be full price.

Such an amazing title with a great story! Few games have good stories. Have you tried Beyond Good and Evil yet? (best story in a game IMHO). Grab it from Gog.com for no DRM.
Just can't stop playing competitive FPS games. No other game type gives me the adrenaline.

Overwatch - Pickup and Mystery Heroes

Quick in and out puzzle games I need to finish below:

Up Left Out

Amazing puzzle like games I just finished recently:

Still trying to finish Witcher 3 but I think I'm pretty much over it. I enjoyed the story for a long while but now it's starting to feel like a drag.
Borderlands TPS Report, and I picked up RIME on sale earlier in the week, and got distracted with it.
I pre ordered Anno 1800 this weekend. Not playing anything really new lately other than Dawn of Man. Anno 1800 officially releases tomorrow so until then...
Oh wow Anno is out already, or rather coming out?

Well I would've finished The Witcher 3 yesterday after 70 hours of gameplay except when I go to a loading screen towards the very end it never loads. The loading icon spins constantly. Apparently this is an known endless loading bug in the game and I tried everything, deleting old saves, reinstalling and booting from the last working save and nothing. I'm going to ahve to watch the end of the game on youtube. Up until this point the game was flawless, zero bugs.